Day 3

I’m tired. The day seems long. Too much weather. Rain sun rain sun clouds sun night. Feels like more than one day has gone by. I don’t particularly like the picture I drew today. Snakes and babies are both beautiful and creepy. However, they ought not intermingle.
I appreciate the modicum of technical skill I mustered in drawing the child. The snake looks thick and clay-like.
I am a dreamy sort of girl, but I don’t always enjoy my dreams. I don’t have to love every drawing – that was never part of the deal. Perhaps there is some value inherent in offering even that which we are unsure of. It is easy when I’ve yet to inform anyone of this project. I haven’t sent my friend the picture I drew for him – the creation of which started this whole thing to begin with.
It would be a lie to say I was drawing for myself – as I make the lines, I imagine what people might think- friends, coworkers, my mom, my kids’ teachers, people I haven’t seen since high school – (do I want them to know that I care at all about something so frivolous as drawing? Wait, why did I just say drawing was frivolous. Because I secretly think that it is – but, I don’t want to think that anymore. I want to believe the bumper sticker: “Art Saves Lives”) (Am I trying to save my life? And if not mine, then whose?)

It is brave of me to put a baby in the belly of a snake. I mean no harm to the child – its model is in fact a four-inch tall plastic doll toy. Nude dusty and on the back porch forgotten.
No actual babies were harmed in the drawing of this picture. In fact, I sat on the couch and drew while my kids played some sort of marble run amusement park game on the living room floor. The TV was off, they were playing, their mom was drawing, the old window was held open by a box fan. It was good.
Is death by snake ingestion the opposite of birth?

Is there really anything to say?

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