Here is yesterday’s drawing. I still can’t find my camera. I find myself suspecting that someone’s been in my home. That somehow all they took is my camera. It has disappeared that completely. I used my phone to take the pictures for yesterday and today. Surprisingly, they are not much more awful that the photos taken with an actual, independent camera.
I showed some of my coworkers this project today. They had just fed a black rat snake a frozen baby mouse and were watching in wonder as the snake’s jaws expanded to gulp down it’s dinner. I showed them the snake+baby drawing and quickly scrolled over the others. I did not send them a link. As soon as people start reading this, it will be an entirely different sort of motivation – regardless of my intention. I have worked hard to not care what people may think and generally I don’t – but that may simply be because I limit my actions and my experiences to those things that I am actually comfortable with. I don’t sing in public – because I just care too much. I don’t (ever) call myself an artist of any sort – because then people will judge the quality of my work with a different level of discernment. I am a person who enjoys making pictures. I like starting out with one thing and being led to a different place entirely. Process and layers and an uncertain end.
And to be honest, I am caring less and less whether or not people like my drawings. They are mine. And that is what this project is about. (I think…)

Is there really anything to say?

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