From start to near-finish, this was done today. A Sunday that was rain and sun and tired children, a frustrated mother. Painting at the picnic table with the children in a field was a salvation. I’m glad I am forcing opportunity. I like that – if I can keep this up – my children will remember that their mom was always calm when she was drawing and that she drew a lot when they were growing up.
This week had the potential to be a nightmare. The first week with their father out of the house. Gone elsewhere and knocking on the door when he comes by. But, when I draw I am only line and color, and the expression of the paint helps to smooth my own impressions. Art saves lives. The bumper sticker may be right. If not lives, then days – and what more is a life than the culmination of days?
Yes, I am aware that a lot of my daily drawings seem unfinished. They are and are not. Process is a continuum with many points. What is finished at one point may be merely beginning at another. I am here. This is what I show. I do not know what is supposed to come next, I just wait and see what does. Sometimes, nothing.

Is there really anything to say?

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