Today feels artless and clunky – though there is no reason why it should feel that way. I have had ample opportunities for joy. At work, I did a DNA extraction lab with adolescent girls – they made necklaces out of the DNA they extracted from their epithelial cells. They were so pleased to hold their genetic information in their hands, to wear it around their necks. They made extra necklaces to give to their families and friends.
There was a thunderstorm this afternoon – the rain falling fast and hard, the clouds to the southwest painting the sky a near opaque grey. The full moon (perhaps only a big moon, near full) – rose orange behind them. The clouds. But, I’m tired and dull and frustrated with the aspects of my life that I try to exclude from this project. And yet, there they are. I cannot compartmentalize as well as I’d like to and sometimes it all runs together and today I was angry, even as I was drawing – and the pencil felt foreign in my hand and my brain felt like flies on a trap. This is as far as I got. The bird on the right has legs like Napoleon. The left a posture that reminds me of the drawings by Edward Gorey. Everything looks like something else – and sometimes the phenomenon is beautiful and sometimes it’s maddening. I am going to wash my face and go to bed. Wake up and try again.

Is there really anything to say?

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