Some questions about what makes a myth a myth

What exactly is a myth, anyway? Does it have to be an old story, or can it just be a story? Does it have to intend to teach a lesson or explain something, or is a myth simply a story that lends itself easily to a sense of explanation?
Is it possible to write a modern myth? Is the phrase ‘modern myth’ an oxymoron? A paradox? An anachronism in the most literal sense of the word?
Or is a myth simply a fiction, an untrue story that is, somehow, seeking to be true?

By the way, drawing everyday was challenging only briefly. The nice thing is that it became, rather quickly, habitually enjoyable. A comfort and an easy answer when I’m not quite sure what to do. It is better than the reflexive sweeping that I sometimes employ to fill empty moments that seem to resist segue.

Drawing helps the day go by.

However, I do enjoy being challenged and if drawing everyday becomes something that I become overly confident about, I am liable to quit – imagining that I can begin again at any time. (Past “breaks” in forced quotidian activity have proved that, for me, trying to start up again is often unsuccessful. It’s like I forget how to the thing I had just gotten so good at doing. Like maybe it must’ve been some other girl. The activity, upon re-commencement, feels utterly foreign to me.) (I have quit many things.) (One day I’ll make a list.) (I know this is not the proper use of parentheses.)

(I’ve not started running again.)

I seem to be pushing myself a bit more. Today, I drew an image quickly. And then I drew another. Then I started painting the first one. This all happened over a period of about nine hours. Nickel-and-dime creation. My schedule does not afford me more many unbroken stretches. I am coming up with a story, but I’m not sure what it’s about. I’ll just draw it and then use words to illustrate.
It’s backwards, but it’s process.
Wasn’t I going to leave myself a bit of advice with each post?
Don’t question the process if it seems to work. In fact, if you are drawing everyday – don’t question anything. What you draw, how you draw it, what it means. Just keep drawing.

Is there really anything to say?

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