I Like How The Rabbit Looks Both Cute and Malevolent

Every Picture Is Connected. Really, they are. Connected, that is.
A story has formed.
Interestingly, the pictures are telling the story. Cryptic, huh? But, really I draw whatever I feel like and then make up a story that is part of the broader story I think I may tell. So, that wasn’t much less cryptic, was it.
Hard to explain? Yes, very. True? Yes, very.
Actually, upon re-read – that actually seems to make a little sense. Sometimes I’m not as cryptic as I think I am. Somehow, it is entirely possible that I’ve gotten cryptic and confused mixed-up. Do I try to pass off as cryptic what is truly only clumsiness in communication of ideas, fumbling speech? Hmmm.
Did I mention that it is not yet 10:30pm and I feel as if it is past midnight. By the way, the time on my posts is set wrong. I’m not sure why. Some scroll down menu hasty choice, a time-zone incorrect. I haven’t done the math to see where it is that the time of my posts is accurate.

Is there really anything to say?

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