Note: I’m not sure why the girl turned into a rabbit.

Remarkable evening. The rain came back last night and hasn’t left us yet. The children left at 5:00 – lumpy and hunched in raincoats. My dad took Leo hiking. In the rain. My mom gave Olive a pedicure. My mind was at ease. I suddenly realized that the weekend was swiftly passing and that I still hadn’t even taken the bin of “work on at home” stuff that I brought home from the museum Friday afternoon. “Crap,” I thought. I made a list of things I’d need to make it a successful weekend, i.e. one in which I actually do what I intend to do. This post is something I can mark off the list. Hoorah.
The list I mentioned: Stuff to make a fiber-art-ish placenta and umbilicus model for our “Family Life Education” program. Milk and juice. Perhaps a sewing machine that the kids could use to learn on? Oh yeah, deck screws to build the chicken castle. Long Story. Weird list. Dog Food.

“Man,” I thought, “that’s like four different stores and, crap, Leo outgrew all his underwear sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning.” (It was the oddest thing.)
Definitely a four store outing. Unless…

I’ve been there twice before. Once to buy thirty gallons of spring water to fill Leo’s aquarium. Once to try to find sewing supplies at 8:00 in the morning. Always strange, those trips. And now this one. Boy’s underwear. Quilted placenta model makin’ stuff. Dog Food. Deck Screws. And Milk. Always Milk.
It was pouring outside and I was excited because it seemed exciting. This trip to the superstore to get such miscellany mingling with quotidian. I was reminded of how twinkly a Fred Meyers parking lot is at night. How strangely reassuring to find the store so crowded. I was nostalgic for the NW as I drove on a North Carolina highway, destination not Fred Meyers – but the sordid Southern equivalent. The Wal-Mart SuperStore. Crap. The parking lot was chaotic, not twinkly at all but violent and flashing with store lights and brake lights, the gleam of metal and dove grey paint on a downfall night.
I immediately grabbed three red chrysanthemums, before I even went in. I could write a novel about the whole shopping trip, but I can sum it up briefly as well. There seemed to be a lot of families spending quality time together while shopping. That strikes me as a little sweet and sour. Good, but fucked all the same.
Walmart no longer carries fabric. I opted instead for a pair of large red panties, burgundy yarn, and six assorted pairs of eggshell panty hose knee highs. It will be done, this fanciful panty placenta I am planning. I want to prove that a placenta can be had for far less than the medical model companies might lead you to believe. The charming little plastic eggs of hose were a meager .33 each.
Leo has new underwear. Olive a dresswith a high collar, many buttons. Darling pink plaid. She will love it but never wear it. The seaming will drive her mad, the collar constrict her in some way. Just looking at it will probably constrict her. Oh well. She will love it for a split second.
The dogs have food. The large bags were deeply scrutinized by the elderly woman with beauty shop curls and pale green eyes. She was extremely short. I felt huge and a little burly as I tried to find the proof of dog food purchase on the receipt. She was fearsome, this small well-coiffed woman.
I forgot the milk.
I got the deck screws.
I bought potatoes. It will be cold this week.
I can”t stand that place. It breaks my heart in some odd way. I used to hang out at one of the old Wal-Marts when I was 12. We’d look at makeup and laugh at some of the more matronly garments available at a south Georgia Wal-Mart in the late-80s. We’d eat popcorn until our mouths burned. The booths in the Snack Area were always cool. We’d stay there for hours. It was hot outside.
Sucks that a corporate entity is part of the shared culture of so many.

Drawing is good. I seem to be talking less about drawing and more about my days. Sometimes thinking back on how I spend specific hours amuses me. It sometimes just seems so odd. My life. I like it. (disassociation? My life in third person is entertainment. I wonder if I need a therapist or if I just need to watch more movies?)

So, drawing. I have figured out a new little trick. Circles. I actually didn’t figure out this trick. But stole it from some hugely unknown number of artists that use geometry to fill in their negative space. I must pay tribute to one in particular. Here is tribute…thank you for sharing your circles with me.
I drew a much more widescreen picture today than I usually do. I seem to be leaping back a forth between perspectives. micromacromicromacro. I was trying to make Leo do his homework. He had to draw a picture. He likes drawing, but can’t stand homework. “Just draw a beach.” I sat down to draw with him and started to draw a beach. But it turned into something else entirely. I like how that happens. The structures in the background are quite nice. I am in the process of building a chicken enclosure device, i.e. chicken castle, i.e. chicken coop. But, not just any ordinary coop. a coop le grande. I would like to put the steeple-y divination towers on the chicken coop. (What’s a steepl-y divination tower, you may ask? Those little segmented obelisk looking things on the roofs of the houses on the hill. (Strangest sentence ever.) (vastly entertaining)

See, it’s all connected.

Is there really anything to say?

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