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On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 5:44 PM, wrote:

I emailed myself 21 times yesterday.
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However, that is not all I did. I woke up at 4:00 and write the post regarding extremely early wakefulness. Then the kids woke up – at five. We wiled away an hour somehow. Mostly it was, I think, spent trying desperately to go have my ritualistic pre-dawn coffee and hand-rolled smoke. Olive wouldn’t let me out of her sight. I showered at 5:30 and settled in hopefully for Saturday morning cartoons on PBS. Their weren’t any. “Mom! It’s only GED Connection, but it’s in Spanish!” (My children call any public program with adults speaking in a serious didactic manner in bland rooms, ‘GED Connection.’) We scan channels. I would even let them watch Pokemon laced with insidious commercials if it meant I could just go be quiet and alone for a minute. Then we happened across the most interesting device ever featured on an infomercial. The Revolutionary Shark Cleaning System. Steam pockets fill with ‘super heated steam’ (redundant, isn’t it?) and allow the concerned home, restaurant, or boat owner to clean and sanitize in ways never thought imaginable. Olive said she wanted one for Christmas. Leo was fascinated by the number of times the word ‘sanitize’ was used. I dialed the number.
The woman who answered the phone sounded drugged. It was not entirely unlikely. What a horrible job. Blessings to this woman, who I actually tried to excuse from her slurred and dutiful reading of various products, services, and exclusionary clauses. ‘Really,’ I said, ‘You sound like you, um, feel awful. You don’t have to tell me all this. Just send me the thing. The Shark Steam thing.’ She had to read it all and somehow I managed to purchase additional Steam Pillows, whatever those may be. I really cannot be exposed to advertising before I’ve had at least three cups of coffee.

I also went to the annual Holiday Parade. An experience which deserved it’s own post. Revelatory, it was.


I gave the dog a bath. I felt guilty that the hedgehog got a bath and Under still gnawed restlessly at his hindquarters. He’s so short that any damp grass or dusty field coats him with dampish grime. It must feel awful, to be dirty and not be able to clean yourself. To just have to wait, and smell, and scratch. That’s why cats are so smug, so self-assured. They can clean themselves.

I did not fold the growing mound of clean laundry.

I did vacuum.

I went to Kinko’s and printed off a hard copy of the content of this blog.

It was a 123-page document. I have written over 30,000 words. 30,000.

Actually a small number of words, when I consider how many the literate write in a lifetime. But, to write 30,000 words for a single purpose. Dang. I’ve never done that before.

I just wrote more, didn’t I?

I didn’t draw yet today. Here is the picture I drew yesterday. I think it would make a good painting. I’m feeling a little fatigued. I don’t want to draw. Perhaps I will just draw circles. Or triangles. Mmmmm, triangles.


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