I seem to have been drawing, because I have drawings to show for it. However, distraction has been a cardinal trait of the past few days. Snow, snow, snow. Children out of school. Old friends suddenly new again. Please check out my new collaborative project: www.hannahandfaith.wordpress.com – which documents what happens when people – namely a lovely girl named Hannah Harding and myself – don’t speak for ten years and then quite suddenly pick up where they left off. Lots of friendship, lots of heart. We plan to feature recipes soon, as well as whatever else makes us happy in that squirmy, unspeakable way that means a possibility has arisen.

However, I think I will keep this old, familiar blog. It is important for me to keep drawing, keep drawing, keep drawing. Somehow, in my mind, my entire creative process has begun to seem as if it hinged on my rough sketches. I suppose, when I was little, I first stumbled into art by drawing. Mostly horses. Mostly at our old kitchen table. I could always sort of draw, but never REALLY draw. Not like Chris Jones, who sat within a six foot radius of me at school for most of my young life. Except he didn’t draw. He could draw. Amazingly well for a fifth grader. However, he only did when he wanted to show off; Drawing was his ace up the sleeve. I was never a public artist – meaning I rarely sketch in coffeehouses. I never liked how cliche it felt, the quiet artist, sketching alone in a corner. However, that is sort of – in my heart of hearts – who I am.
I never wanted to be a professional artist. I dropped my only college art class – Design 101. It was tedious and uninspiring, rigid and formulaic – everything that art should probably never be. But who knows what makes art – what makes an artist?
I had a friend once, who herself was a work of art, who told me that you can’t (if you’re medium is sketch or painting, or whatever) draw the human hand. I struggle less with hands than I do with noses. Noses are almost impossible for me. They never look real.
I think I might consider myself an actual artist when I can draw a picture of someone I know and have it actually look like that person. I am good at representation and some artists do just fine with approximation. However, I would really like to be able to portraiture. If only for the credibility that possessing the technical skill that portraiture requires would give me.

One day…

In the meantime I drew this girl with a slinky…a lot. I used tracing paper to try to make the figures as identical as possible. Tracing paper is awesome.

Is there really anything to say?

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