Wednesday, December 30th. Yup. Tomorrow is the last day of this long, fast year. More interesting than a list of everything I wanted to accomplish and didn’t – because, really, I did more than I expected I would…so, there. More interesting than a list of anything is the fact that it’s a blue moon New Year’s. The last blue moon New Year’s was 1999. An unfortunate New Year’s. I spent it willing myself to just fall asleep, fall asleep, fall asleep. But, I stayed awake anyway. Oh, ten years…it doesn’t seem like a long time, but when I consider who I was when I was 13, 23, and now: 33. My goodness.

I’ve been trying to dovetail work and drawing the past couple of days. Concept sketches of possible lowtech fun. I would have never been able to draw these hands a few months ago. I still wonder about the subtleties of the human face – how just a line can take a face from young to old. The nice thing is that I didn’t struggle, I saw an image in my mind and I was able to approximate it on paper. While I don’t mind that sometimes my drawings turn to image unplanned, it is nice to be able to bring an idea out of the ethers. Even if the people don’t look quite right. One day they might. Or perhaps they do, just not to me. That’s what’s nice about something out of nothing, a blank piece of paper: There was nothing there before, so who is to say that what appeared is wrong? Ha!

This is me, last Saturday.

The first picture I’ve ever posted of myself. And it’s only half my face.

Is there really anything to say?

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