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I subscribed to Bloglines. I was excited and then skeptical to see that “Art” blogs were on their top-50 list of subscriptions. I don’t know if I am an “art blogger” – but, I definitely think in terms of art – if that 3-letter word is about perception, perspective, and pro-actively trying to find relevance in the taken for granted, or – gasp! –

I challenge you to find my something – anything – that does not matter. It’ basic physics – energy cannot be created or destroyed. I’m not talking about namby-pamby new age energy (which may or may not exist…) But the real stuff of electrons spinning.
You can change it, convert it, package it in styrofoam and plastic (that are somehow inextricably linked to the bones of dinosaurs!) – you can do this a million times over, but everything came from somewhere and will go elsewhere one day.

The intersections and crossed paths that hold it all together are the loveliest fractals of all.

So, yeah – I guess I’m actually doing this. I holding up my end of the deal I made with myself. Ha!




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I will organize them – perhaps by chronology and subject:

Plants or parts of plants
One page graphic novels
People I don’t know
People I do know

What do I do with a picture of a rabbit and a bridge? Like this one, drawn while in the back corner of a classroom, observing a lesson on sexually transmitted infections and contraceptive technology. Really. I listen better when I am drawing.

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I seem to like drawing things that begin with the letters “P” or “B” – hmmm.
I wonder what else I’ll discover. I am excited over this organization project.
I have experimented with a lot of different mediums. Perhaps my real inclination as an artist is to curate a collection. I need to keep producing so that I’ll have a collection to curate.

Current: It is 4:03 am. I went to sleep at 8:30 pm – again. I told myself, wake up in an hour wake up in an hour wake up in hour. And then I fell into dreams and didn’t wake up until 3:45 am. I have too much to do to fall back asleep, and besides, my subconscious is obviously a lousy alarm clock. My day will be better if I get this done.

I am sending the letter to the Verizon Customer Service Rep. today –
The idea of sending old-fashioned mail to people I don’t know is deeply appealing to me. I think I might start writing letters to strangers, pull a random address of the Web, send it out with a self-addressed-stamped-envelope. And then they can send it back, maybe they will write me a note. It could be an interesting project. I think I might be addicted to “seeing what happens” –

I sent out some introductory emails yesterday. I don’t think that email is the best way to contact people I don’t know. I am just an anonymous name in an inbox, easily delete-able. Perhaps I will try 3-D mail, something people can hold in their hands, something that carries the smell of paper, envelopes that sit cold in mailboxes and are then warmed by actual human hands.

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So, this T.S. Spivet character (Reif Larsen) has really got me thinking.

I tried this morning to map a story about a man named Kuykendall.

But my map was more a diagram, that didn’t show direction at all. Isolated entities, loosely bound by woven lines, but overlayed – – – not showing adequate connection.

How do you map a story? I’m sure there are formulas for literary and personal cartography. Venn diagrams and the like. Flow charts that show potential plot.

I need to experiment. The most irritating quote I ever read, as a person brimming with words, but not writing: The first step to becoming a writer is to write.

I’m figuring out my own answer to that big question, “How?”

I am still drawing vigilantly, if with slightly less ritual. It’s biting cold outside. My fingers sting. Best to draw inside, an image from an unusual play performed by the children. Olive, the human cat. Leo, the gigantic human caterpillar (clad in two green pillow cases, a collapsible hamper for it’s pupae-skin… The caterpillar happens to have a suction-dart blaster, the cat sings like she’s on Broadway, arms flung wide.

I have been saving an orange peel to try to sketch. An exercise in technical skill. If I don’t get around to it soon – it’s going into the frozen compost.

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Current: The image I posted is of a Thanksgiving drawing. My scanner is being a bit persnickety at the moment. As is the printer. Dang.

I am not am not am not going to spend these early morning hours bickering with technology.

I will post new drawings – a raccoon, another attempt at self-portraiture…later.

Is there really anything to say?

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