Yesterday, I took two naps. I shared a frozen key lime pie with the children. I went to bed at 8:30.

I have been drawing, but I seem inclined to hibernate. Quiet brain lately.


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A five-paragraph essay entitled:

“Symbolism: why do I like it so much?”

The use of symbolism is a powerful tool in many ways. It can allow us to communicate ideas in ways that allow the consumer of the symbolic product to interpret content in an open-ended, highly personal way.
Additionally, the creators of symbolic content are offered an opportunity to investigate the meaning that they place on specific imagery or concepts.
In considering symbolism we are offered the chance to refine our understanding of the synaptic translation of wordless concepts into image via picture or word.
Some people think that symbolism is cliche – and really, it kinda is.
Symbolism: the depiction of one thing through imagery of another, often not remotely related object or description.


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Before I get back to my essay…

I have noticed that every single morning, at approximately 5:45, a white car with a squeaking chassis drives up Vernell, turns around, drives up Swindale, turns around and then travels south down French Broad Ave.
What is this car doing? What are they looking for? Who is driving? Have they noticed that every morning, at approximately 5:45 am, I am sitting outside drinking coffee, waiting for the dogs to pee?

I am a little wary of this car because it is so reliably there, but yet makes no sense at all.

Now, back to symbolism.

I think that symbolism becomes so-called cliche’ when symbols become broadly understood by a culture. Reliance on over-used symbols – phrase and image – presents evidence of insufficient inquiry into the creators myriad of possible interpretations. This imaginative dirth is likely the result of one of the following:

Imaginative Dirth Causes:
1) The creator is too young to have experienced significant depth and width of experience to consider alternatives to cliche’ symbolism.


Note to self: when watching the news this morning to see if Asheville City Schools was closed because of the snow and frigidity, you were appalled by how lascivious the previews for some show were. Also, since when is American Idol “news”?
And murder? People “gunned down” at a convenience store.

If you don’t watch non-PBS tv on a regular basis for a long time (7 years without fox!) you are just shocked by the sheer trashiness of the content shown. Sex and fear and shopping are the primary themes.
It scares me. Really, it does.
A culture of sex and death and money will ultimately destroy us.

You will only love what you understand. (need original quote source)
We will not understand our physical world, its non-negotiable realities, it’s history. And if we fail to understand these truths so vital to our existence, if we fail to grasp our animal vulnerability, we will find ourselves like the innocent bees.

Wasn’t I talking about symbolism?

This is what a five-paragraph essay written by a highschool drop -out looks like.




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I Quit. This is what I finally said after years of struggling to attend school. Public school, private school, go at your own pace school, boarding school, homeschool, highschool completion…
When I was – finally! – sixteen, my mother (bless her) let me drop-out. Drove me to get my GED and then drove me to the Kings Bay “campus” of the Georgia Military College. My English class – taught by an amazing old woman who spoke Russian as a second language and whose name I can’t recall – was held in the plush and dim conference room of the Trident Training Facility on the grounds of the Kings Bay Nuclear Submarine Base.

Seriously. I had to be issued a special badge and sign in with armed Naval police when I went to learn about things like five paragraph essays.

No wonder I was distracted.


Oh, drawing. That’s what got me on this whole symbolism kick. How easily a bl…

Jan 8 (2 days ago)

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Oh, drawing. That’s what got me on this whole symbolism kick. How easily a blindfold suggests symbolic blindness.

I am not sure all this is even about drawing anymore. Certainly, drawing is integral to my version of the creative process. However, it is a means to an end – rather than the end itself. I’m not sure of the end…if there is one.

Is there really anything to say?

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