The fattest of our cats. Appears to be posing. The palmetto rose was folded by young hands in South Carolina, purchased with 3 crumpled bills at the waterfront. It seems that all the African American boys in Charleston know how to make these roses. They sit in groups of three or four, a five gallon bucket of fronds in front of them, folding and twisting. Making and earning.

show details Jan 17 (2 days ago)

if I draw and write and draw and write and draw and write…

Well, then I won’t be a lady who just stays at home and looks out the window, thinking, waiting. I’ll be a lady who draws and writes.

There was a party at the little green house yesterday. The children attended. Ate roasted marshmallows, came home smelling of wood smoke. I fell asleep to the sound of drums.

I am, I think, a different sort of person.

A person who would rather draw and write than go to a party.


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Kuykendahl was surprised by how quickly he was able to load the car, an old Celica the color of a dusty camel. The car was a two-door, low to the ground, a swooping curve of hatchback. Behind the passenger seat, he pushed his bags of clothing and boxes of old cassette tapes, CDs with splintered cases. In the front seat he nestled his stereo and speakers. A quiet tangle of sharp edges and cords.

Jan 17 (2 days ago)

His mother, still disgusted with him, set her coffee cup on the table with a solid thunk, rose from her chair to see him drive away.

“Well, let us know how you are.” She said this in the faint voice of little hope.
Kuykendahl surveyed the scene. His mother in her slacks and untied robe, slippers on, a few damp brown needles of pine caught along the soles. The sky was low and gray. Rain from the night before slicked the windshield of the waiting car. Ran down slowly as the drops gathered themselves..


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I am painting a large fish on the wall. Something grouperish, but greener. The fins need work, but the eye is pleasing. Doleful and old. I have worked on this fish for several hours now. It makes me feel good to look at it. It wasn’t there. And now – it is.
The circles are taking a long time. But they are fun to make. I can’t wait until spring. Really.

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  1. The fish is about six feet in length. The bubbles span an area about ten feet wide. I've only worked on it for about six hours…I'm quick like that."hints of whale" : my favorite phrase this week.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I hadn't even noticed them. I assume nobody comments, so I don't even check. Verizon still hasn't offered me any excellent phones. But, I've got you on the list for a 4G Smartphone, whatever that is.I saw an interesting animated film last night, produced by Tim Burton. It's called 9 and is basically about machines taking over the world and destroying humanity. Do you really want a phone that can do dishes? It may turn against you. Nonetheless, if it can do dishes it can probably fold laundry. Could I borrow it?Really, "hints of whale" is pure poetry.Good Morning!FRR

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