These are tags on which to tie birds for Presents for Strangers.
Who needs printing when you have a pen? These were fun to draw, no option of erasing.
They will be worth something to somebody. Even if it’s only my 7-year-old son.
Or my mom.


I’ve been crazily prolific lately. Scrambling to use up the day and have something to show for it. Something to continue working on the next day. I like waiting to see what happens.

I’m not too worried about being able to keep up. The beauty of these projects is they are still babies, just beginning…and yet there is no deadline for their completion. I am scaffolding like crazy to make sure that when I am ready, I can think about what in the world I ought to do with all this. I don’t even have the hundreds of drawings in any sort of order. They are piled up and filed up, but in no particular order. I’m not too organized when it comes to stuff like that.

I am, however, still aiming for Thursday to query for bird placement. I’m glad I’m not driving myself crazy with printing and cutting and pasting. These bleachy-white though they be card were unlined index cards, on clearance at the big store for 33 cents. I enjoy the satisfaction of working with what I have…which is a house full of miscellaneous supplies. I’m trying to sort them out bit by bit…but, really there is just no sorting somethings. Best just to make them into something else entirely.

Where Will I Ever Find the Time?

show details 5:48 PM (3 hours ago)

Source 1 – give away five chickens
Source 2 – go to sleep before 11 pm, instead of – it’s true – 9pm…Or, continue going to sleep at 8:45, but start waking up at 4am again. Going to bed so early is a drag. I’m drinking coffee right now.

Having children has re-wired my circadian rhythms to a remarkable degree. I got used to “sleeping when they did” and

(Um, excuse me. The chickens are pecking at my sweater. A hen just dipped her beak into my coffee. Dang. This is a bit frightening. Their clucking is sounding a little mutinous.)

thus, I’ve had some fairly peculiar sleeping patterns over the years. But, early has been a constant. I have only missed three or four sunrises in the past seven and a half years. I like dark
early morning.

However, the social hindrances of having to go to bed at 8:45 so I can wake up at 4:00 in the morning…not that I’m even going to go out anywhere, but I need to try to stay awake later. Before I know it, the children will be coming home past my bedtime and we will all be sleeping past 6:00 on Saturdays. I just realized how badly I want to miss a couple of sunrises now and then…

Source 3 – chill out on the emailing myself, even though I have more to say than ever. Figure out different ways to say it.

If you documentdocumentdocument

at some point you’re just documenting the documentation.

That’s a loop I won’t loop-de-loop.

Speaking of…

COMING SOON! Big, blathering accolades for the little record company from the big North Pole!
True, true: a feature not featuring me. I need to give props to Shane de Leon of North Pole Records. (READ THE BIO.s)

I fully ripped-off his gel-pen drawing medium, though not entirely intentionally.

I’ve know Mr. de Leon for yearsyearsyears and he has never ever, not for one second, tried to be cooler than he actually is. For this reason, his label is sometimes

like so many are*******************************************the world is full of clever people who want to do art and pay their bills****************************andstayundertheradar*********************

Speaking of…

good night.


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