The Bravery Birds, Drawing no. 1, 03/05/2010


Goodbye, Winter!

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I am changing the format of this blog. Starting 3-2-1 NOW. I think I might even change the name.

The Bravery Bird.

I like those words together. I will still draw everyday. But, I will – for awhile – anyway. work on sketches of bird-ish characters. They can go anywhere I want them to go…I just have to draw them in, and they’re there – in some small, two-dimensional way.

I am sick of all my blathering. It is embarrassing. I plan on leaving all my posts up because they are part of the process, but I think I’ve figured out something I can do for awhile. I really haven’t talked about art much lately – I’ve covered everything from cleverness to practicality. Tattoos to random gifting. I’m kind of all talked out and needing to quiet myself for awhile. At least on this front.

The sun came out today and things that weighed overwhelming just yesterday seem suddenly very manageable. Everyone is being very friendly. Happy.

A grump would throw up.

I am going to the art store tomorrow and will buy myself the three dollar pencil I prefer. A 6B from Switzerland. It is nice to finally have a preference. To be able to go in and know exactly what I need to draw my pictures.

Here are wire birds I hung yesterday. The wind was wicked. The tags read: be brave.

(When I wedged this one into this parking garage gate device, a person crackled at me through the little speaker: “May I help you?” all gruff and barky. “Nope, I’m fine.” I left the bird and walked away, but only after I took the picture. I was being brave, but I walked away fast.)

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And the problem with being mindful – or hyperaware – is that there is little time left for mindlessness. I have a busy brain and that is, at times, unfortunate.

My head hurts.

I wanted to draw a horse but I ended up with these three leaf-forms. The closest I’ve been to mindless all day…

drawingerasingdrawingerasing…I am precise, but indecisive re: where the lines ought to be drawn.

Story of My Life.
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Current: And that’s enough of that. This blathering has, however, helped me through a long stretch of grey. It’s getting to be Spring. And that means less talk, more rock.

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