Current: It has been raining on and off for three days, though each dawn has been briefly cloudless. The grass seed I thought gone for good, a total loss, has begun to green the brown.

I’ve stayed busy. Felt fairly free in the most terrible way…the sort of free that comes from being a-l-o-n-e


And so I spray painted wood blue and chrome and fastened it to the sculpture coop, which is becoming an odd sort of outlet. I think my sculptural style is one which could be described as impressionistic. I think I am trying to build a painting I don’t have time to paint. There is definitely some heavy symbolism happening on my chicken coop!

Does anyone out there think that it is a little strange that I

Yard Art, I reckon…

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The sculpture has the suggestion of waves now. Spray painted blue just like Florida.

Chrome base plywood leans against the porch railing. I am amazed at how far spray paint technology has come. Remarkable.
I look forward to seeing how it wears. This chicken coop is a work in progress until I tear it down one day. Turn it’s pieces into something else. Spring 2010, I need it to be this…

About the “work”

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All work was done by me. My mom held one board, the day I hit myself in the face with a hammer. (Search that phrase) — the kids screwed a couple of screws, bent a few nails. I like working alone far more.
The structural components are uncut. Meaning that, while I did cut or split wood for decorative purposes, the shape of the coop is how the individual pieces of scrap fit together most effectively. The practice of allowing the foundation to speak for itself was far more freeing than the measure-twice cut -once precision of pure-function building. I don’t eschew the value of function, and I guess that makes me crafty.

Everything is made from scrap re-used. I bought nothing but nails and screws. Okay, and hardware cloth. The silver-sprayed plywood was intended for another purpose at work, un-needed after all and I bought it from the museum.

It is cedar shake, cypress, pine – lots of pine! – hardware cloth and fencing wire, copper sheeting and coil (purchased coil) had sheeting already, long story.

Plexiglass and re-bar are featured, as well. It has been a work in progress since early October 2009. The chickens hate it.

Is there really anything to say?

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