What I Saw Yesterday…

I just left them. I was going to check back today…see if they’d been taken…but, I forgot to.

These are satellites.

(photo taken by Leo, age 7)

breathing underwater

I hope other people noticed these “nests” of tiny bubbles, caught below the surface of the water.

Little colonies.

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I was thinking about those pictures of underwater air. There could be a whole seminar on why those small glassine clusters even exist.

The things is…without science there is no art. Bottom line.

Those bubbles wouldn’t have seemed so remarkable if I hadn’t some idea of the laws that dictate their existence.

The best artists, it seems to me, have an instinctively solid grasp on some branch of science…be it engineering or color.

Why even the lamest of lame (in my estimation…which is null) paintings – in technique or subject – are nonetheless a display of grand experiment. The history of paint itself is a fractal of accident and achievement, of humans simply trying to find a better way to make the color red.

(There are remarkable resources on the history of red, just google ‘cochineal’…)

Science is so necessary in appreciating beauty.

This is not work to be done in a studio. I put the tags on the birds in an elementary school parking lot. My children helped me to line them up and didn’t question why they had to be left for others to find. They seemed to like the idea.

Children love the idea of surprising people.

More later: drawings, etc.

I am getting sick of drawing birds. Perhaps I’ll try my hand at lions.

Current, May 21, 2012 – As for all that science and art business, I now think that without art there would be no science and as for laws, they exist with or without our consent or understanding and I think that bubbles underwater could be appreciated by anyone, even someone who didn’t even know they were bubbles. Simply because they are something small and beautiful in the world. 

Man, sometimes, I read this old stuff and I am like, what? 

I was pretty confused for a while. That’s okay.

Is there really anything to say?

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