Conception: A Graphic Novel!

Which of these females can get pregnant?
(tricky question)(I’ll explain it all in the book.)

(Keep Reading!)

Well – Just be sure…I did a google search for the title: Conception: A Graphic Novel!

All that came up as being remotely related was this:

Which makes me feel queasy. Which is exactly the reason why I am already working on draft drawings for a worthwhile project, a book: Conception: A Graphic Novel!

Such a no-brainer. I draw everyday. I am a Reproductive Health and Safety Educator. I am proactive and solution-oriented. I have debt I need to pay.

I am seriously concerned that so many human beings don’t even have a solid grasp of how we came to exist from just two happenstance cells. Pregnant teenagers are an issue.

The title will sell the book and then, perhaps, people will appreciate the remarkably freaky science of human reproduction.

I plan to layout a solid and engaging biologically-based account of conception to birth.

Drawings of anonymous characters, sperm cells, blastocysts, and perhaps a Cowper’s gland or two…

Fun facts will be included, like this one:

Cowper’s glands are also known as bulbourethral glands and produce what is known as pre-ejaculate (or the more familiar ‘pre-cum’) The purpose of this clear fluid is to neutralize the acids in the male’s urethra (this is the tube than men urinate/pee out of and which also carries semen+sperm out of the man’s body.) Sperm cells don’t like urine and so the tiny gland (named for British anatomist William Cowper, who died at age 43 in 1709!) makes a slimy fluid that readies the urethra for a successful ejaculation.

This book, Conception: A Graphic Novel! (pay attention) will be a book that is read. It will be an important book.

It will also be a lot of fun to write and draw. I am pretty enthused about fact-based sex education.

I am also really keen on calling out popular culture on it’s grand disservice to human beings – I really don’t think a sexualized image of a naked woman curled into a fetal position has anything at all to do with conception.

If you think this is a good idea and would like to see this book come into fruition, do me a favor and tell people you know that there is a 33-year old mother of two in Asheville, NC .

other facts of life as I know it…

  • I am in debt.
  • I love my job.
  • I can’t stay up late and drunk people freak me out.
  • I have only missed 3 or 4 sunrises in the past 8 years or so.
  • I am a Guardian ad Litem (court-appointed special advocate) for teenagers in protective state-custody.
  • I have registered for classes to try to finish my Masters in Special Education – ‘Behavioral+Emotional Disorders’.
  • My house needs repairs badly.
  • I have eggs to give to neighbors.
  • I once cleared 1/2 acre of deep-growth kudzu by hand; it took a year and a half.
  • I haven’t kissed anyone in over a year. So, there…

I want to put together an amazing book that will help people understand that the power of our biology is no joke. We really ought to have a better grasp of how we work.

If you know someone who could help bring this project to fruition, tell them I exist – I am working on it. I will be putting together a query package, but I would much rather have someone find me and help me do this because they think it is a good idea, not because I asked them to. I am only asking that you help them find me.

I plan on giving some percent of the eventual earnings of this brilliance to programs serving reproductive health and safety purposes in Western North Carolina. Particularly the program that employs me. If the Luna Brothers can publish GIRLS: Conception – well, I hope for the sake of humanity that there is someone out there that wants to publish the antidote.

If you’re not sure of the significance of the tally marks in bold, well – you should probably read my book.

(tally marks given are for a cycle two days longer than is often assumed to be the norm.) (HA!)

Is there really anything to say?

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