Yard Scar

Very dramatic sky this afternoon. How fitting…

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Oh dramadramadrama…it has been a ridiculously dramatic week.

I am anti-drama, unless I am dressed up like a dinosaur. Then, I’m all for it.

Human drama is really tedious.

The mountaintops are looking mighty nice right now. A valley would do.

I am just about sick to death of this central square mile.

A car hit my dog, Shiny.

Smashed her up inside. Un-named allies have helped a great deal in this matter. Kids and mother, too.

(the monkey was an afterthought and changed the whole meaning of the picture. Turned it into a New Yorker cartoon. I am not suggesting that my un-named allies are monkeys. No way.)


Now there is a big new space in the garden and, of course:

I’ll need to rearrange everything.

That’s okay. Things sometimes need rearranging, don’t they?

Sure enough.

Took a hiatus, from most everything and most everybody. Got a new tattoo on the back of my left hand. Big diamond, blue-ish? Not sure about the blue. At some point, all the stories that this tattoo can tell will be told, but not right now. No way.

Oh well…

When the person who does my small tattoos asked about color and shading, I shrugged.

“I don’t really care.”

I thought for a minute…

“Well, I don’t want it to be a mushy diamond, or a bling-y diamond.
I want it to be a diamond that would punch someone in the face.”

I haven’t punched anyone, but I did plant flowers in the rain.

That is how my hands got dirty.

Is there really anything to say?

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