And, then – of course – there’s Shipman. (Thanks, Shipman.)

When pigs fly they’ll be bounced by Indian elephants in jets.

Speaking of memes….. do you remember Cows with Guns?

Talent shows…. gawd have mercy. I used to worry about the kids on stage who absolutely hated being there…. but LOL I learned I was the odd one out. 99.9% of kids love the chance. (My major talent was sweating).

If you’re interested in a new work experience consider a new life as a school cafeteria manager I (assistant), I’ve been so tempted to do it sometimes. Pay sucks, but the hours are good and entertainment abounds.

Full Disclosure:

My school has a brand damn new industrial kitchen I want to make go. 60 gallon mixer, 40 gallon kettle. 4 stack convection oven, a weird water-fry deal(?) and 4 24-inch gas burners.

A baking area that could work 3 weddings. And it’s CLEAN! It’s clean all the time.

I want to make soup. A LOT OF SOUP.

And pizza! I could make some pizza.

hummm…. maybe Ima better go get some crackers.

Is there really anything to say?

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