Tiny Crochet Clouds Will Keep Us Alive


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Waaaaaay too much is in the works right now. STILL haven’t drawn Pele today.

That guy, man. Not even a nibble from celebrity. I’ll write more on it later. Follow on the Drawing Celebrity page, there: to your right.

Yup, some new stuff over there. By the way, LOTS of folks are keeping it real. I just don’t have a lot of time to find you. So, no hurt feelings. I also won’t post a link to your site without clearly expressed request/permission FROM you. So…

Need to update re: Shipman, as well. Good people, that guy. The Shipman is definitely keepin’ it real in The New America.

Ah, yes. Also need to write essay regarding my definition of The New America.

Which isn’t new at all, but is new to me…



I do not know how my fingers know how to handle such tiny thread with such tiny movements…I do not know why I feel almost IMPOSSIBLY HAPPY when I work in this medium.

I just do.

Really golden.

Lesson for Today:

Do not be afraid of things that seem unlikely.

They can save you in a million small ways.

be brave small cloud be brave

Is there really anything to say?

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