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– metallic embroidery thread is awful to work with – scratchy, stiff, no drape or form at all.

– perle thread is a dream. Smooth, clean, and just the right amount of rigidity. DMC, Made in France

About 2 bucks for a small spool that seems to grow no smaller though my cloud form has grown. I feel like I could make these airy, layered forms forever and not get bored. Really.

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Why I haven’t sought to be recognized in my own town…

It seems feasible that I could probably get some show at Bobo or some other local gallery-type place…but, then I would likely have to talk to people I might run into again.

I have NO interest in being a fish in this fishbowl.

(un-altered phone photo of the sky across the street, a couple of days ago.)

Nonetheless, it seems to me a bit odd that I swim so happily alone.
Which is not to say
that I’d eschew company or collaboration.

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Every day – I am awarded MILLIONS in email lotteries.

Unfortunately, it is all a lie. I keep good track of all the lotteries I do not not participate in.

Who are these people…

I imagine heat and sweat and crooked smiles and the hope that maybe someone will believe a “banker from Nigeria.”

I wish I could believe you, all of you. But, I can’t.

(just like some of you can’t believe me.)
(it’s okay.)

(you don’t have to.)

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I will draw Pele again today. ‘Cause I said I would. Maybe I will find a different picture. Maybe one from his youth.

I saw, on our neighbors porch, the magazine, Maxim. Some lady was perched, with her breasts at the focal point, on the cover. I think I will start drawing some of the lascivious images that clutter our print media. All the men in women caught exposed and sadly wanting. I wonder, if these images were portrayed in messy graphite: would they seem less pornographic, or more? (this is a dandelion, by the way…) (hahahahaha!)

By the way, I have been experimenting with wryly (actual) pornographic sketches.

I might try to sell them in Australia.


If I get around to it.


I took this picture, but I did not write these words.

(I wish that I did though.)

(Actually this is my favorite spray paint message EVER! It is exposed, for sure – on the back face of the Fine Arts League of The Carolinas and visible from the steep and lovely Murray Hill Park. I feel like the statement is not sadly wanting, but plainly stating.)

As such things ought to be plainly stated.

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Still need to:

Look into penpal in prison. Maybe see if there is a national organization that matches prisoners with penpals.

I am not going to make the longest scarf in the world. I have been giving away my ugliest yarn to children as birthday presents. Really. Louise and Ava both got some pretty gross yarn for their 7th birthdays. I think I might not like yarn very much. The acrylic is super scratchy and stitches that seem graceful and light in thread appear lumpy and obscene in yarn.

I will, however, make the children their scarves this year.

I will also update re: my friend in old Florida, Shipman. I am writing more than I can reasonably post. This is the first period of heavy edit I have done. Nothing is deleted, it just sits in my gmail account inbox. Letters to myself.

I generally do, however, recall ALL of the things I have planned to do. Some (most, actually) I cannot do alone. And some I do not have the technical skill for and have not had time to acquire or fine tune the skills needed. Mostly, it comes down to time. I was wondering if my drive to make things would wane with unemployment, a generally lame state of slump. Nope. Quite the opposite.

If I could make things ALL DAY, I would.

But, I can’t.

Because I have to fix the hot water supply line…

after I go to the hardware store and the grocery store. I like hardware and ice cream and even plumbing is okay, sometimes. But, I would MUCH rather be working on thread clouds or experimenting with whether or not I can make a viable approximation of papermill smog out of shredded business documents.

(My dad (see account of hauling below) threw away one of my bags of shredded documents from the Asheville City Schools Preschool. I have another one though.) (I’ll bet it would make awesome smog. I could mash it up and smash and stitch it and even burn an edge here or there.)

(Damn, I have to go to the store.)

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This Morning: my father calls, says: I’m bringing the truck. Get some stuff ready to haul off.

We have been hauling a lot of stuff lately. A lot. Old and broken and stained and plastic, filled with spiders.

Not really in the mood for hauling. This time of month makes me sore. Can’t really say that to my dad, though. Of course, I have no problem saying such a thing to you –
the unseen masses in the ethers…

What do you care? Besides, I never have to see your face when you see mine.

I wish I did.

It’s funny to me – how STRANGE it is to think about what may have or have not happened if I hadn’t started drawing everyday. It has been the surprise variable.

And it seemed such a simple thing to think about doing. “I will draw a picture everyday for a year.” Which hardly seems a challenge. The world is filled with people who do far more remarkable things…

Right now I need to go mow the grass.

And then I need to get stuff ready for goodwill and it’s not supposed to rain but it looks like it might and the hot water supply line to the upstairs tub is busted (my fault – long story) and I need to get a new one and call in a prescription and draw Pele and go to the store and work on the cloud and…

tiny crochet cloud #1, June 19th 2010

The children are swimming, by the way.

I am not.

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I hate lawnmowers. Stupid thing has HORRIBLE design that catches to pull cord on the throttle and causes the whole start process to screw up. Frays the cord, too.

I hurt my right wrist, the bad one and it feels pinched and aching and shaky. I’m going to go weed the side garden. It’s funny how used to discomfort we can become.

Spider Baby Hand

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I really LOVE mowing. The heavy work and the wall of sound…it’s like being underwater – except hot and dusty and fragrant in ways good (grass) and not good (gasoline, exhaust) (I used my father’s mower, a very stylish old push mower, decidely gas powered. I will take a picture of it. It’s got the best wheels. Really.

I got a little distracted though. Started making X’s and Squares and weavings and splices. And then I got hot. And then I stopped. It is not even my field to mow.

I WISH it was my field to mow.
(Dandelions are even harder to draw than the human hand.)

( secondary image source)

(Look at bottom right of image for original source.)

(um, yeah – I didn’t draw this…in case you were wondering.)

The property (commercial, with old house split into offices) has been on the market for a couple of years now. I used to worry about it getting sold – still do, a little. However, things do get sold.

I wish that I had the funds necessary to purchase the property. The field houses two fairly remarkable common dogwoods – Cornus Florida (?) and – though I try not to worry about the field getting sold…I worry about them getting cut down to make way for a new block of eco-housing.

It is a nice little green space, flanked by my side garden and overlooked by oaks. Quercus.

No kidding.

Anyway, it seems that if I had the wherewithall about me – I could quickly form an alliance with a non-profit organization and somehow persuade them to purchase the land…except all the non-profits are BUSTED…and grant competition is ferocious.

This isn’t some hokey Save the Trees sort of thing (okay – maybe it is…) Nonetheless, the field could be maintained as a remarkable teaching garden for the students at Asheville Middle (who would actually have to WALK two blocks to get there) – the garden could be maintained and supervised and nurtured as a place of learning and refuge and that no illicit, illegal, or disrespectful behavior or activities will be tolerated.

The house could, when the current tenants find a home they would like to move to, be lightly refurbished and serve as office spaces for community organizations that serve youth. The rent on the spaces would be only to pay the mortgage and a small stipend to the Community Gardener and her Assistant…okay, maybe there wouldn’t be an assistant…

I know AN amazing Volunteer School Garden Coordinator that SO deserves to paid for what she does at a local Asheville City Schools elementary.

However, traditional funding sources have dried up.

My solution: Hollywood should make cheaper movies (they are better anyway) and record more lo-fi albums (they are better anyway) and START FUNDING THESE PROJECTS.

Donate your time and your expertise to find people with good ideas in small communities and make this stuff happen.

I DO NOT have the wherewithall to do anything more than come up with ideas for things that foster the sustainability of our communities and OUR SPECIES…

I can’t file to save my soul…or those dogwoods…

I think maybe I need to start writing some letters to some celebrities. New reality TV show people: Hollywood goes to small town America – not to make a spectacle of itself, but to fund and assist with large scale service learning opportunities…helping small communities sustain themselves in ways that are educationally responsible, economically viable, environmentally mindful, and reverent of the unique culture of every neighborhood.

THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I will not see another movie in the theaters until this begins happening. It might already be happening. I don’t have much time to do a lot of research.

I do know that there is a field that needs to be a garden and that

old dogwoods heal hearts.

That is all I know.

I have to go get a replacement for my hot water supply line. Urgh.

Also need to apply for some sort of part-time work. I wonder if this would count? Frickin’ spam box.

Rich Resources Steel Tube (H.K) Co., Ltd.
11F, Huaxinge,Donghua Building,
Jiangmen Guangzhou Guangdong
529000 China.

This is an official request for a payment collection agent on behalf of
Rich Resources Steel Tube (H.K) Company. We are iron and steel company
with principal business in steel manufacturing and trading.

We are looking for a payment collection agent in Mexico, Canada, USA,
Europe and UK. Salary is 10% of every payment you receive from our

Mr. Sun Xiao Lan
Rich Resources Steel Tube (H.K) Co., Ltd.

I’m brave, but not that brave.

I think I might be brave enough to try to find a movie star to buy the field for me.

Is there really anything to say?

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