I think it’s best if I just focus on thread for a while.

I will post pictures, maybe small stories not true at all.

I will take clouds on field trips.

I’m sorry, to the few readers I have, that you had to read all this shit.

This is the worst blog ever. I am almost laughing at how low I’ve sunken writing this.

Really, it’s been a pretty humiliating stretch of time. In the truest sense of the word.

I am realizing that, yes, sometimes it is best to just keep it to myself.

I am apologize for pain or concern caused. Time wasted, mine and yours – whomever you may be.

The Young Lifers should sent ya’ll ten bucks, too.

If anyone actually ever wants to actually do something to help me feel less like a ghost, somehow more solid, more sure of the ground I stand on…

(I don’t need or want anyone’s sympathy, criticism, or opinion.)

If you can think of a way that would help me make sense in the world, please – let me know.

(actually, I don’t even care if it makes sense, I just want my life to be sustainable…)

Otherwise, please leave me alone.

Is there really anything to say?

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