Oh, I don’t know.

…this shit is dull…

Dawn Redwoods outside of the Food Lion Skatepark: Triumverate


First of all the kids will have a great time at a place that their one actual and functional parent has arranged and payed for.
And secondly, I don’t give A damn about whatever workshop you’ve signed up for.
After working sixty hours this week in an increasingly stressful environment, I know it’s not feasible, but I don’t care to see you. hear your voice, etc.
To be purposefully unemployed and so willing to take the easy and free road to me is sad, pathetic, and a horrible example example for the kids.

blahblahblah…maybe disclosure will help.


There are moths to observe.

The girl is quite interested in moths right now.


to Bookworks

show details Jun 25 (1 day ago)
…still, sucks. I’m gonna try again in August.

Good Morning –

My name is Faith and I am signed up for the Letterpress 1 class today. Due to ridiculous family situations – deep breath –

Well, I clearly cannot attend a Letterpress workshop this weekend.

I am interested in possibly applying my tuition to another of Mr. (—)’s workshops or perhaps working out something so that the cost of the workshop does not have to get fully written off as a loss.

Then again…

The cost of a Letterpress workshop: 300 and some odd dollars

The value of seeing just how truly and sadly ridiculous your family situation has become: priceless

Aw, crap. I was looking forward to blogging my experience in ‘The Workshop’ –

However, I guess I will blog this instead.

Not sure what else to say about it, other than:

Sincerely sorry for the last minute cancellation.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or possible resolutions.
mystery photo

(I don’t know what it is either.)

Could you all please do me a favor and feel hopeful for me that ONE DAY I will know how to make books.

I would really appreciate a moment of hopefulness in that regard. Thanks so much.

Thank you for you time and again, my apologies.

Faith Rachel Rhyne

Here are some things I did INSTEAD of Letterpress. Practiced re-learning Arabic a little
read a bit re: Postmodernism and de-constructivists and semiotics.

A good overview text, with elucidating and amusing comics. Nice cross-disciplinary examination of how postmodernism is expressed and how it relates to classical philosophies. Blah, blah, blah.

Though I think I understand it all a bit more personally now
than I did in my early twenties,
when I first tried to figure out
my paradigm.

This a blessing from me to you.

I have come to the conclusion that I am a paradigm unto myself. We all are.

:26 PM (22 hours ago)
I’ve got my growing hair in an awesome mullet-tail. It’s hot. Still. Bare breeze, but looks like thunderstorms later. The clouds have been remarkable lately.

A cloud formation like this looks like a smile and is said to be good luck
Jumping Spiders are definitely good luck
. And so is a small praying mantis…

I find a lot of things worthy of remark, don’t. I don’t need to go and on about it – though I sometimes do…

Good New Yorker this week, Anthony Lane does a factual and yet wry piece on the Eurovision Song Contest (these are the Moldovan competitors.) Very much like American Idol, but was actually started in 1956, by Switzerland, as a way to foster European unity in the lingering wake of WWII. Individuals do not compete, as In American Idol. Rather, countries are represented by their chosen vocalists and are backed up by some extremely European dancers. The fashion is fairly interesting. Songs, a bit odd. Accented English or some indecipherable Nordic dialect. Apparently it draws far more watchers than the SuperBowl…Americans are so myopic. Me, too.

More on that later.

Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it in my bones. Perhaps those intoned warrior angels have begun presiding over me after all? Believe what you must – but I feel like I have already

triumphed over the circumstances of the day. And now –

…the kids are happy to go, they have gone, they will have fun, they will be Mightily Glad to see me when they get home. In the meantime, having had to cancel my Letterpress workshop – which is a bummer, but I don’t mourn things non-negotiable. And I need to be available for the kids this weekend. Even though they are out of town. Especially because they are out of town, in a place that holds with drinking and gambling, no less.

(Current: Yesterday was ALRIGHT, not fabulous – but I am nearing the end of my on-going battle with the stuff and hygiene of this home. I feel like I might be able to almost see an end in sight. In the meantime, I am finding all kinds of great art supplies I had forgotten I even had.

The garden has been a good thing to have around these past couple of days, lackluster as it is this year. In large part, the delight in this season’s garden is in my noting that, “Wow, it is doing it on it’s own now.” Annuals re-seed, perennials return and the trees: well, they are suddenly taller than I could ever imagine them being. Berries are borne on canes with thorns and hang from branches that bend with their weight. The stalks of squash are firm and hollow and sound like a low marimba note when my hand brushes against them, pulling grass. Always pulling grass.

I like weeding. If not for weeds, we wouldn’t spend near as much time looking closely at the plants that make up our landscapes created, our gardens.

7:41 AM (4 hours ago)

Oh, sheesh. Morning of few clouds has turned to fog with the sunrise. It will be another warm day.

I brought the old air conditioner from the Charleston garage down from the attic. Put it in the living room…which has begun to smell too warm and sour with scents of living with children.

Sweat and crumbs, drops of milk and mucus and sticky hands smearing invisible smears where arms are to rest.

I am deep cleaning today. The children are out of town until tomorrow morning. I have a lot to do.

It’s ridiculous really – the things I am asking of myself today…

Finish bad corner solution in kitchen

Back up blog and archive emails (not happenin’)

Transfer photos of clouds and fireflies (check)

Comment on usefulness or lack there of re: spending a cumulative – over the past week –

three whole hours of my life

trying to take

a picture of a firefly with a cellular phone.

(Thinking now of Baldessari’s mid-air square of balls but at the time I was totally entranced with the fireflies. They teased me it seemed, responding to clicking of the camera and the bright light of the porch by flying close and hovering, their abdomens lit dull and stubborn. I

became exasperated and then laughing at myself…)

Do something about chickens. Post chicken photo to the Murray McMurray chicken photo contest. Read articles re: keeping chickens safe.
(not happenin’)

(Urgh. Must Happen.) Laundry. Always. Laundry. Strip beds.

Finish washing the front porch siding.
Go to pet supply store. Clean Rosie’s cage. Get mat of off Pony’s left hindquarter.

Apply for two jobs. (Deep breath, lady. Deep breath.)

Rehang photos of children upstairs.
( I was at home alone and chasing a firefly upstairs when I took this. )

Clean car.

Prune hedges or at least cut back branches that are scraping the house.

Trim errant new growth from maples up front.

Finish planting the flowers we got on Wednesday.
Get houseplant for kitchen or move old houseplant to kitchen.



Wash the dog. Maybe.

Hang shelves, maybe.

Clean kid rooms. Urgh. Maybe.

Though I know I will because it is a wonderful feeling to come home to a clean room.

(When I had been in Charter for a month or so, I was granted a therapeutic visit home for the day with my parents. My mom had cleaned my room cleaner than it had ever been and the books and pizza (really!) I had left (the pizza was left on a plate on the floor, on the right side of the bed…) and tapes and notebooks were put away and

the whole room smelled clean like home is supposed to smell.

That’s right, Boober. Clean.

(I didn’t even really hang out with my family on that therapeutic visit. I just stayed in my clean room, happy to be alone in an orderly place that was mine.)

(It is good to come home to a clean house.)

(go ahead and acknowledge
how easily the natural thread clouds
would lend themselves to
the shapes of bones…that’s right, go ahead.)

This is an unedited photo.

I like tricks and mirrors play them nicely.

Phone camera left in photo intentionally.

I need to start using white thread for clouds. I have some light gauge metallics that might be night for silver linings or some such crap.

The natural thread starts to look like the heavy foam at the edge of the sea.

Moths and ants and fireflies….
everywhere this year. The Insect Societies.

Is there really anything to say?

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