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Message to FLSP Mom: Hi – awesome busted/beautiful skateboard pics coming up as I receive them! If you want, you can send me your photo version of that board at my email faithrhyne@gmail.com. You’ll get photo credits, for sure. Thanks!

of note:

blog syndication on AltNews = yay! More weirdos! (see link on sidebar: BLOGDIG)
awesome letter to the editor of the Mtn. Xpress written by yours truly in which I alluded to my new religion the Kazam of Br’er Rabbit. Totally just kidding, but I did talk a lot about clouds and love…and, it’s true: Br’er Rabbit.

Yes, the clouds are still misbehaving. Lots of pictures to process and post…still haven’t gotten around to asking any scientists why the clouds look so…fake and weird…if anyone knows of any experts in clouds, mythology, or general peculiarities in the heavens, please send them to this site. I really do want to know why they are just so dang…lumpy and stringy, dark and glowy, still and drifty…triangular at times? Shot through, at times, with symmetry and geometry that I don’t usually associate with clouds.


This is the working image for my Kickstarter project, Figuring Faith. I imagine that there will likely be a few different versions of the cover, because: Why not?

I am having a really good time thinking about how many different ways I could package my words and how easy it will be to integrate media I enjoy into a little DIY book. That is one thing I definitely appreciate about the art of making books by hand – there is an enormous amount of flexibility in the materials that can be used. The possibilities are endless. Yay!

I am a huge fan of endless possibilities.

Soooo Weird!

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So – have been MAJORLY distracted by the impending launch of my Kickstarter project: Figuring Faith, Volume One, selected excerpts from the heaping pile of bloggage —

(I made myself a slush pile!)

On the theme of subjective perception and how to be a better observer of yourself and your intention and what makes you feel happy and awesome…which culminates in bewilderment…because we never really figure it all out, do we?

…so: perception and bewilderment it is.

Speaking of perception – I am SO DENSE sometimes.

A couple weeks ago, when I was out and about cooking up big plans for drawing cupcakes, having fun shopping for records, and accidentally confusing Harrison – well, I overlooked something VERY important. Blue Barnhouse! A really great local press and purveyor of books, cards, and ‘ephemera’ –

Huge props for boldly displaying the word ‘ephemera’ on your sign!

That I overlooked this fine local business is even more lame given the fact that on that very day I was exchanging friendly introductory email with Buzz Poole of Madonna of the Toast notoriety and he noted Blue Barnhouse and all I was able to do was muster a vague recollection of the name.

I probably recognized it because I was RIGHT NEXT DOOR!

Ya’ll should go and see some of the nice ephemera at Blue Barnhouse and also buy Buzz Poole’s new book, I Like to Keep My Troubles on the Windy Side of Things – awesome and affordable small press edition of very short fiction. They probably have it at Blue Barnhouse.

In the meantime, I am just finishing up a round of photos that may offer proof that – if nothing else – well, clouds aren’t just floating dumbly around up there.

Really. Truly.

So. Stay posted. A lot is about to be brought to the table.


Well, there is no possible way that I can simply sit by and watch as Asheville City Schools puts the students at Randolph Learning Center in UNIFORMS while every other school in the district can wear whatever it wants. Not okay. This weekend I am going to build a blog – possible title: Dress RLC With Dignity…

Randolph Learning Center is the ‘alternative’ middle school here in Asheville and is right up the street from the kids’ elementary. The student body at RLC is largely African-American and most all of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Students are placed at RLC often as the result of disciplinary problems at Asheville Middle or Asheville High.

And so – the solution is to put them in uniforms!? Khaki?! I am sorry, but I would be pissed if I had to wear khaki everyday. Especially if I were a young Black woman…khaki pants are made for men. Bottom line. No pun intended.

The thing that is so troublesome about this uniforms at RLC thing…nobody seems to be raising enough questions as to what the purpose of the uniforms will serve and what the implications of uniforming one student body out of the district may be…particularly given the demographic characteristics of that student body.

I think it might be time to write Morris Dees/The Southern Poverty Law Center

…for some advice. Please take a moment to check out their site. Mr. Dees/SPLC has been a hero of mine for a long time. Very clever, very brave, very good.

In the meantime – I am going to start a blog (launching Monday) so that at least – if the kids at RLC are doomed to start their year jammed into hideous khaki…well, at least someone will have asked, “Why? What good will come of this? Have you considered the consequences for everyone involved?” I am talking to neighbors and – fortunately – know enough about the various community power points in Asheville that I think I can get my questions answered and perhaps…maybe this awful khaki idea can be re-thought before school starts and the kids are wondering why their freedom to dress themselves with dignity, in a way that affirms their culture and their individuality. I will update and link through this blog – – – but, really – it is things like this that make me realize that going back to traditional employment will be hard.

I like the feeling that I have adequate time and headspace to address issues that I feel are important…at least, to me they are…

Like this, for instance:

Here is a consequence you may have overlooked: When I take/pick up my kids from their nice little public elementary school, we sometimes see the RLC students walking to “their” school. My kids are nervous about the RLC kids – even though I try to make sure that no racism takes root in my home…

When you have a school with a homogenous student population and you visually identify them as being separate…how does that communicate equality to the people who drive by?

I am fairly opposed to let some crooked thing like this happen in the town where I am raising my kids…not without question…

Is there really anything to say?

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