I got this really great rash that doesn’t itch or anything.
Just a bunch of red dots like tiny bruises. Awesome, huh?

This is Luwian script. Neat, huh?

Okay, here’s the situation. The clouds are starting to concern me a little bit. I mean, shouldn’t they STOP being so consistently…weird?

They are just so persistent. The backlog of photos is ridiculous. I asked a Professor of Linguistics who specializes in ancient languages to please look at my cloud pictures – just out of curiosity.

I need help with all of this. It is freakin’ ridiculous that I don’t have any more readers now than I did months ago…

Freakin’ ridiculous.

I saw Lady Gaga on youtube last night, banging a drum and yelping while wearing see-through synthetic clothing, she was making out with bleachy lead singers of cliche bands and falling into the crowd, where she was mightily groped.

I am on food stamps.

I need a job, but…okay. Stop. Break. Go to Bed.

Today’s drawing. I am still in the early layering stages of the first painting I have done in quite some time. Painting takes me a long time. New song to put on the tube. A seven minute improv on banjo with so-so lyrics, but great usage of the word ‘omnibus’ – tomorrow. Only one person watched the songs I put up yesterday.

Things are just impossible if you have nobody vouching for you. Of course, it seems I am un-vouch-for-able…

It is really quite difficult to keep cold scorn out of my heart.

ya’ll don’t deserve me…

Is there really anything to say?

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