A Surprise for You!

I am feeling much better. It’s funny, because as frustrated as I get – all it usually takes is one 1/2 way kind interaction to buoy me and then I am plucky all over again. I found the kids book I shopped around for a minute a few years ago.

Check the side bar for the BEST UNPUBLISHED CHILDREN’S BOOK EVER! Really, it’s pretty great. The art isn’t what i would do now…but, it’s what I did then. Very folk. Which is appropriate, since I am about as folk as folks can get…whatever that means. It means I taught myself most everything I know – that’s what it means.

Some of the most beguiling prose was edited out by my clever scanner and so, well – help me get it published (it’s a winner for sure…really…) and you can read the whole thing. It’s about universality and micromacro reverence…and the sort of steadfast comforting blandness of the sky as I used to think about it.

I miss looking at the sky and not seeing a damn thing. Even though I used to wish there were something to see…and now, there is…things change, even the sky.

Love, Faith

I don’t hold a grudge against anyone and I would love to talk to Reverend Billy. Really. I’m delightful.


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