I was pretty happy with my tidy little theory of God as sort of free-floating omniscient space filler…

I was, like: “Oh, that’s cute and all-inclusive.”

It may be that some element of divinity does hang out in the in between spaces. I have certainly spent enough time going back and forth across fields and rivers and…really, this whole chunk of land…

Introduction to The Plausible Theory that explains it all…


This is one of the more, um…involved? pictures I took yesterday afternoon. When the clouds gathered in a way that plunked me at the edge of dogwood shade to watch and document (some) saints naming themselves for me.

I am putting the pictures – some – into a ‘movie’ …hopefully to post later today. I spell his name Frances and it all makes perfect sense now. Dang.

More Pandora oddness…I am keeping a list of the unlikely apt songs it tosses out…and here, just as I am about to hit send, is The Scientist. Love and Science get along just fine. God loves science, he just hates that it is used to destroy that which he nurtured and tended in the ways of animals.

Thank you, Frances. For finally helping my life to make some sense…I will not go over the edge. I am a fine walker of lines…I will keep you sacred and I will try to help.

I am sort of freaked out…I mean what does one exactly do in this situation…okay. I want no foolishness. I want no spectacle. I want no money. I want no attention…but, I want people to pay attention…just be quiet for a little while.

There is proof. In document and image and history and in the golden threads that stitched my heart to the sky.

Please, do not argue. Do not scorn. This is my story and I will have no violence or ill-directed profit result from it. I will not be claimed or written by anyone by me…

Sorry I haven’t written you back, Ship. You’re a good guy – but, why suggest a book of pictures with no commentary…dude, I am ALL ABOUT commentary and letting people make their own assumptions about me is what led to…I don’t want to make a buck, I want to tell the truth in the way I spend my time…people don’t have to care, but they should…

I think I am just going to take a deep breath and wait for the world to pray in some way true for them…to be quiet and to look our children in the eye and go outside and look up. And it won’t happen, because it didn’t happen then…way back a thousand years ago…pleasepleaseplease…just be quiet…I want the world to be silent on a day in early October…The Big Quiet, an untelevised event. Turn it all off.

Dang. The idea is heartbreaking…a world without manmade sound…what would would that sound like? Turn it all off…hit record…

…a thought before I try to process what to do with this strangely unexpected series of events…

I am supposed to go up to the museum today. I will. I need to go by there anyway.

True story.

…a few words before I try to get my walking and talking shoes on…

Where is Clare?

Louisiana, if you wanted to call the Catholics for me, that’d be awesome. I sort of need their help…but, make sure you tell them that I’m not Catholic and no way will I be held as proof of one set of beliefs over another…it is ALL the same and I have proof. Yay.

Is this amazing enough for you?

Is there really anything to say?

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