Clipboard note from yesterday…

Sorry, the audio didn’t sync up to the images and that one fish picture in the movie is pretty blurry. It’s been a busy day spent wasting my time trying to do the right thing…which seems to make people look at me like they are a little uncomfortable.

Maybe I should stop saying it is a deep inquiry into perception and spirituality with elements of critical analysis re: power, culture, and suppression of mythic hope.

Maybe I should just say that it probably means something if – finally, now…it all makes perfect sense…

I mean, what sort of person’s life makes sense after they spend the summer taking thousands of pictures of clouds and emailing strangers in an effort to prove or dis-prove assumptions re: connectivity, tolerance, and the arrogance of modern cultures to think we can come along after thousands of years and make a huge mess of it all in a fraction of the time it took to develop…ach.

I try to know when I am being rude. Maybe I am not rude enough? Did I not offer to box Glenn Beck? I don’t really want to box anyone…

Maybe I do want to box someone?

Sometimes you’ve just got to do what you got to do…as you all well know. I am not sure what else to do…except to keep paying attention.

Is it rude to suggest that it may be worth considering that I am real (this is my reality, I could not have made this up if I tried) and that God – yours, mine, everyone’s – is desperately trying to stop what we are doing to ourselves and to what was never ours to begin with. Is it, given all that is impossible in this world, so inconceivable that perhaps the old stories are true…in the best of their spirit…?

The power is ultimately in our hands…all we have to do is sit quietly. It’s that easy.

Maybe I should just say that I think I need to learn more about Saints and how they are guided…

I hope that the Saints understand that I have to be true to my ways and my voice…I don’t think I am special. I just think I am lucky to get to believe in my bones that I am part of a story that is not only my own.

I find that I am not very concerned with proving now…I think showing (in my very own, somewhat quiet way) is important, but proof is found only in our bones.

I may not update tomorrow. However, I might. Please do know I am sincere and my interest is only in conveying what I know to be true…it is a little overwhelming. I went to the Basilica today, and it was all there…all the old meanings that I don’t understand…and I wept for mothers and for children and for all of the innocents who try to be free in their hearts…

but, who are caught…

…I finally learned to draw a horse…this drawing is for Cumberland Island…

Is there really anything to say?

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