This whole album helped me through the hardest…thank you for singing so truly and unabashedly. I need to be braver in love. Thank you.

Other songs that just came up…

How to Be Perfect Men, Ohia
Lisztomania, Phoenix

and this little gem,

I am just going to wait quietly…except I probably won’t…because waiting is what I’ve been doing…now I am just…um, being? My name is Faith Rhyne and I am a mother and an artist and a gardener. My garden looks awful. I have been busy…gathering evidence…presenting proof. I am working outside tomorrow. You all need to calmly assess the situation. DO NOT FREAK OUT. THAT IS NOT COOL. THAT IS REALLY UN-HELPFUL. JUST BE NICE and try to know in your heart what is vital to you…that is the way.

I think God has been trying to get in touch with you all for a long time…the sky seems as desperate as I am to be heard…except, I am just sort of desperate because the sky seems so desperate. I feel like I messed up. Was too slow. Too doubting. All I needed was one person to tell me that they, unequivocably, believed me and believed in the goodness of my heart…and nobody really has…not for a while anyway…

Regardless of what the Catholics decide about the sky, it is a very important reminder to you all that the interests of Man are not the interests of God and that you will not be able to choose your messengers anymore than they are able to choose their message…

Now I know why it was important for me to start my drawing-everyday-for-a-year project…because I had to…God needed a brilliant surrealist because people do not recognize our own form or even the most remarkably clever nurturances of God Everything.

We must recognize that the world as we see it is uniquely our own sight, given to us by everyone who came before us. We must honor those who see things in a way that is different. It is from them that we will learn tolerance.

Ask, “Why?”

But, don’t ask me – ask the Catholics. Thanks. I am going to try to rest now. I think I have done what I can do this evening. I am really amazed by the degree of doubt and the seeming dis-interest in what could well be quite important, at least sociologically. Okay. I have to go. I am tired. I would really like the Catholics to please tell me if I need to shut up…but, to know that I likely will not. I want to work with people though.

Is there really anything to say?

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