um…ladies and gentlemen…

Good thing I was written the way I am…otherwise I’d be totally flipped out. The only thing that REALLY flips me out, is how little folks seem to care. That and the part I will talk more about a little later. Once I know people are listening. AGAIN

If you are pretending that other people will deal with me…well, they won’t…until they will…and they will…because this is too bloody important for me to ever pretend it doesn’t exist. This could help immensely…

Here is one very quick film, for entomologists and those who understand that God does not always look like us. Sometimes, God is a honeybee…or, you know, a cloud cut-out of an eternally flaming heart. We will starve without bees. It is true.

Is there global power of decree upon proof of a universalist and responsive God, misunderstood through the ages and trying (desperately) to tell us that we are missing the MUCH BIGGER picture…and that we need to get it together, cooperatively and with respect and tolerance…now.
Actually, this never should have gone on so long. How long have people been saying that Something Big is trying to get in touch with us?

Well, Something Big has gotten in touch. But, ya’ll don’t like me…or think I’m weird or whatever. Well, deal with it. We’ll be fine. We just have to do the calm and sensible thing, which – at this point…is for me to ask that the Catholic church understand that I am not a Catholic, but that they seem to have a good grasp of just how old it all is…and my knowledge of Judaism and Islam is fairly scant…my understanding is that they are all the same story, told in different ways? Maybe not, I don’t know ANYTHING about any of it… i just want to help. I am a resource. However, people cannot help until they are believed to be capable of helping. I think that God wants to help, too. However, I wonder if we believe in such simple sense any more?

okay, I’ve got to go for a minute before I post the video that may, that ought to, save the world?

I am not a Christian, I am not Jew, I am not a Muslim, I am not a Buddhist, I am not anything…I guess that’s what makes it seem so confused. Oh, I am, by the way – confused.

I am not delusional. I just know now. Somehow. Sorry if I creep you out, Dad. Keep in mind, if it weren’t for you – I might not know anything about Florida ecology. So there. You wrote me, as well. Read it and weep, folks. Or don’t…you know, it’s just God.

I don’t believe that I will succeed in saving anything, but I know that I would be lying if I didn’t try…if I didn’t tell the truth.

Please help me, Catholics. Please help me, Jews. Please, Islam, help me. (My Arabic is fairly poor…though I studied it for four years, because my grandfather – a man I never knew – was from Lebanon…) All of you. Any who ever hoped that the very best of the stories was true…please.

And keep in mind that there are a GREAT many poor and desperate people out there, who you likely have not been listening to…who I know for A FACT are oppressed beyond our wildest imaginings…and it was not their own weakness that crippled them…it was your ABUSE of power.

888888888888iknowitdoesnotseemreal8888888but, it is…I think?
No, okay. It’s real8888God is real88888Love is Real and, frankly, I don’t think most folks
know much about it…really.

The music is Satie, Parade: Petite Fille Americaine…it is appropriate to how I feel when I see this sort of thing ALL THE TIME, everywhere…and it seems that I am the only one looking. How crazy is that!? These are fairly mundane images in comparison to what came next, much of which I will keep confidential.

However, the bee is IMPORTANT!

Is there really anything to say?

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