from last fall…the good old days…yeah, right…


I realized as I was drawing this…

We are all made of the same forms, just put together a little different at each turn…a line straight and a line curved…that’s all we are.

You may not see the figure with knees drawn, hands clasped, head down…a cocoon alone…a shell…

To you, it may look like a potato.

The scanner tampered with the image and scanned in the unfinished spot. I experimented with tint and saturation, contrast and brightness…and pulled up these eyes and that guy.

(Which I just realized could be the Gulf of Mexico. Nice bald eagle eye to the west. Remarkable, the tricks of light and color. What we are able to see if we are playful enough to play with the world as we see it…sad, serious, scary place…)

(I had enough of that interpretation. Seems a shame, what with all the possibility…)

Trees are nice, aren’t they?

As you drive around, looking for the first signs of fall foliage, admire how finely cut the silhouettes of tree against sky can be.

Really quite lovely.

“Here’s a quarter. Call someone who cares.’

The Saints As I Understand Them would like to respectfully dedicate this song to The Vatican.

I would like to dedicate this song to My Oldest Friends

This is all a big experiment in the use of available resources to promote positive social change in the form of a bewildered awareness of possibility…


Is there really anything to say?

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