With More Love Than You Could Even Imagine…I am almost defenseless in my walking and talkingness…please be nice…be patient…I am not crazy.

I just took this picture. I have to go pick up my kids. Surreality. Please don’t hurt me. I know it sounds crazy. But, it’s not. I am verifiably smarter than you. I don’t say that in a braggish way…I am just working with what I’ve got…all I’ve got is my heart, my eyes, my brains, my hands…

I am really freaking out a little. Like when I figured out how to write from right to left. Like my brain had made a huge leap. I just leapt WAY over everyone’s head…I know…but, I will come down a bit. No, assholes, I am not manic. I can list the proving criteria for my non-manicness…but, why waste my time. Fuck it. Think I am crazy? Fine. I think I am smarter and nicer than you. So there…

holy crap…I think I am onto something. Don’t kill me, okay. It’s alright. We work with the knowledge we have available…we always have…I just figured something out…it will take a while to explain…it’s super important and it is ALL ABOUT EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING...

some of it I can’t explain…some of it I can.

Crap. If this thing flies. I could actually save the world. Really. Holy Mackerel indeed. Thanks for bearing with me Mom and Dad…it is for the kids and all their friends. I can, with some help…prove some remarkably important points. I figured out where the lynch pins are. Crap.

It’s simple and kind and it would take some doing…but, we ADAPT MUCH FASTER THAN WE EVER THOUGHT IMAGINABLE…

We are evolving…right now.

Is there really anything to say?

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