5:06 AM (7 minutes ago)

Wow. I am SO GLAD THAT you missed the point ENTIRELY…your life is great because YOU BOTH WOKE up. I am glad…I am not trying to hurt anyone…except for the things that make it hard for us to feel. It’s okay. I’ll sort it out. I am solid as a rock…and when people get out of the mode of thinking about everything in terms of OFFENSE AND DEFENSE…well, that’ll be a great day…perhaps a cold one in hell, but great.

It is all a big, very simple experiment – choose to see me as good and hopeful and making use of available resources…or keep snarling. I am glad that you have a certainty in your voice and that you and the people you care about are able to look one another in the eye…

I am not going to call a lawyer or mothball anything. I don’t want to cause problems…remember, I only wanted you to BE NICE TO EACHOTHER…

I am HAPPY, too. Big happy. Hopeful happy. I am not crazy. I am just manipulating our silly “old” perception of what is sane and true in order to prove a very important point.

Thank YOU, for being brave enough to talk about me and to resolve the issue of Faith Rhyne and her REMARKABLE HEART AND BRAVERY in asking for help.

You guys are awesome. Really. Thank you for being nice to eachother. I am not trying to HURT anyone. I just figured out that the paradigm of choosing to see one another’s reactions to HONEST INQUIRY in the context of offense and defense…well, it’s a bummer. I am so glad that even IN THE CONTENT of your letter…you are all whatever

Well, your heart is in the right place…still. You’re awesome. Funny how sarcastic niceness seems these days…

I just needed your blessing. I am glad that your heart is okay and that you are happy. Whew!

Remember – if you ever speak my name, remember to be kind.


Loop-de-loop, my friends. It’s a wild ride.

I figured out how I can help people…and just how strong THE HUMAN HEART can be when it’s threatened…

I AM TOTALLY OKAY. I just needed to check in on you…see how YOUR HEARTS WERE DOING.

Can you please just ride this out with some dignity that is older than the fiasco they will make out of me…I am making use of AVAILABLE RESOURCES to attempt to promote positive social change. I am kind. I am good.

PEOPLE TALK about all sorts of CRAZY stuff.

This is A REALLY BIG HOPE that maybe…

I don’t know.
People will stop being jerks. It’s not football, dudes. Where’s the offensewhy? Ouch, paradigm shifts can be a little prickly can’t they?


but, it only proves them to be sodon’t worryI am smart I am kind I am good

Thanks, Friend. REALLY BIG THANKS.

See, you can’t even tell if I am being sarcastic. WE LEAVE TOO MUCH UP TO THE INTERPRETATION OF OTHERS…

People who tell you that what you know – fear, hope, love, HUNGER – isn’t real…well, that’s SORT OF WEIRD, HUH?



Current: Whoa! THE SURREALIST perspective is a little hard to wrap my brain around…better go have some coffee.

Still, noone telling me what’s going on. I don’t really want to post up the letters I sent asking for help. It seems sort of a waste…maybe I could sell them…or TRADE THEM…

I have better things to think about right now. Like making sure that if people are going to talk
– I would like to ask that they actually read this project and consider the source…Actually…


I don’t know.

See, we don’t even know how to READ anything anymore.

Thanks, Brer Rabbit.


Ya’ll should probably think hard about this before you respond in haste.



By the way, stay away from my town unless you came to be nice to me. BE RESPECTFUL or STAY AWAY.

THANKS. I’ll be happy to speak with PBS, NPR and THAT’S ALL…the rest is too bully-ish…it skews the MESSAGES.

It can be pretty dang confusing, can’t it?

It’s no fun being confused, is it?

Consider the OBVIOUS.


Is there really anything to say?

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