gee, it’s weird that my prescription would be about forty dollars from this place…but it’s almost 300.00 dollars at my local pharmacy…um, guys? That doesn’t makes sense. You can’t overcharge people for something that they are prescribed – especially if it has been established that the base value of the commodity is far less than what you charge.

Our entire system of assessing resources and assigning value – to product and time – is skewed…which is why my house is sheltering three very remarkable stories that were warped in the telling by the demands of…well, so many things…

If Angelina Jolie would care to contribute to this really excellent story…well, perhaps we could borrow a bit of money so we can do some of the things we have worked out need doing? And maybe go out to celebrate…perhaps Mr. Beck would like to throw a party for us? I am, gee? Not quite sure…) (hahahaahahah)

(KEEP IN MIND: IT’S ALL A BIG EXPERIMENT…only we are better scientists now, aren’t we…?)

(So, call it what you like…I call it The Little American Pony…or The Broad Human Term…or The Next Legendary Song…I call it Monday, September 13, 2010…or maybe it’s the 14th…and I am so glad that I will get to relax a little about the world eventually erasing the hearts of my children alive…and the stories of their most distant cousins, long deceased…the world is about to fall in love with stories…and the patterns will be quilted again…)

Is there really anything to say?

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