December 25th Update: These are writings from a very strange time in my life. A lot of it is just scrambling, trying to save my own heart. I wrote as if the hopes I hoped would become actual, imagined clearly what it might be like to have a new beginning for us all…I wanted everything to stop so bad. This shit sounds crazy, I admit it. I wasn’t, however, running around town ranting…I was writing at home and drawing and doing dishes and feeding animals and trying reallyreally hard not to think about reality because, at that point, it flat-out hurt to consider the facts of my reality. I was escaping into hope and old spirit, holding onto whatever I had. There were a lot of misunderstandings and I wish that they could all just fall away. Peace.


You know, someone just tried to access this blog and they couldn’t. Said they had a message that it had “been removed”

Just so you know…if you remove this blog, you are violating my civil liberties. Oh, yes you are.
The ACLU would probably be interested in this case already, given the campaign of threat and social intimidation…it’s easy to be righteous in rewriting history while your friends stand around you.

No child should see their mother treated like a stray dog. Never. I have no desire to deny anyone their rights, but consequences are consequences and it is unfair to demand that I compromise my rights and my children’s rights in order for you to feel that yours are being upheld. That simply is, dare I say, not the American way?

Please, the focus has been on my mental health…which, amazingly, is quite fine – thank you for your “concern” — shall we consider the mental health of others involved? I think it may be time to shift focus and consider that perhaps, yes, this is actually all quite real. Except for the things that I acknowledge may be debatable or highly subjective. In this case, there are – ultimately – only facts…and it is horrifying to me that even those seem debatable…

Is there really anything to say?

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