Cleaning the Ice Box

Hello. This is food for thought.

The recipe is easy. Put it all in a pot , at appropriate times, and let it simmer until delicious. Just start with with potatoes in a pot and smash them up, adding whatever is on hand. I’ll note the specifics of this (very gassy) brussel sprouts, red cabbage, TVP fusion at some other point. I used stone ground grits as a a thickener. Food not Bombs stew.

  • The person who brushed the hair out of my eyes with his SoundCloud needs to get in touch re: music. I lost your site name.
  • The person who had his head hit on April 09, 2009 needs to get in touch with me re: music. I called an old woman named Cora, looking for you – but, she said she didn’t know you. She was nice. Said a few folks had called for you.
  • Funny, huh?

Is there really anything to say?

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