So, what exactly does the lady with the pictures do with her days? Well, this morning I woke up even though I wanted to stay asleep. I fed animals and drank last nights coffee, cold. I showered and drove myself to the place I had to drive to…and the radio woke me up and the same guy who was walking on Biltmore the other day, who turned around and waved at me as I was about to pass him…well, as I approached he turned around and waved and smiled the biggest smile. I, of course, smiled back…because it made me happy. He must’ve heard the music out my open windows.

And I sat at a table and talked a little and became flat-minded, flat-lined and I drew a picture of a sleeping child. I looked out the window and saw a little bit of a rainbow…nobody else seemed to notice…I crocheted a small purple square, just for something to do with my hands.

I had a blood pressure of 92 0ver 67 and the slightest of slight fevers…

I went and sat in the corner of a cafeteria and ate my lunch and listened to the fire alarms go on and off and on and off and eavesdropped on conversation and facial expression. I went home and went back to bed.

I played guitar, a little ‘Baby’ Taylor that I borrowed from my dad. I thought about Memphis and how the big triangle building there almost blinded me once as I was about to cross the bridge. I thought about spaces and shapes and how I opened the Bible at random yesterday to a page detailing the measurements of temples and I thought about pyramids and architecture and extrapolation of design…but, mostly I just played guitar and thought about rivers and sound.

I made dinner, I listened to an old Nick Cave song, I looked at a map…trying to find some pattern in all the back and forth I did and saw that it was mostly just back and forth, though a different route almost every time. It is amazing how many different ways there are to get places, isn’t it?

I recorded the skeleton of a song that I will call ‘Shellback Blues’ – the title, and the song, is for a friend who I hardly knew at all. I put together this video of a few photos from a few days in July. Prefaced by a few photos I took before I looked at the sky as anything other than the sky.

Now, I am going to bed. I have a second interview for a small job and remain hopeful for employment. By the way, if anyone has some issue with the content of this blog, well…Love thine enemies…I personally don’t claim any enemies, because frankly – to do so is an enormous waste of my time. People always have opportunities to re-think their actions and reactions, it’s when we get stuck in righteousness that we end up deluding ourselves about the world…we cannot place ourselves in positions of authority over anyone other than ourselves…believe me, I am well aware of all I have written and sometimes mindful missteps provide opportunities for meaningful perspective.

I was a child who jumped off of bluffs.

Is there really anything to say?

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