More experimental home recording, banjo practice tonight…microphone interior for distortion and convergence of frequencies…


Okay…so, admittedly, this new hoop (which I likely will not write of again, unless it begins to knock me down and then I will write myself back onto my feet)

is sky-high with flames…

I don’t know what to do.

What I ought to do probably involves viciously highlighting venomous language in old emails…ugh.

This shit is one of the worst uses of human energy ever.

If I were actually dangerously unwell, well – that’d be another story. Mostly I am beat-down as hell…who knew that art and socio-spiritual inquiry could wreck a person’s life to such a profound extent?

I’m not really that unwell at all. In fact, given the events of the past couple months (years? decades?) well, I’d say I am pretty damn sturdy.

I have no idea why I am being treated the way I am.

This is insane.


Oh, and by the way, I still think I might have explanatory proof of Good Old God.
That doesn’t make me crazy. That makes me observant…and brave.

You can’t write someone as a lunatic for fervently hoping for some goodness to return to the world and noticing patterns where there never were patterns before…and for approaching evidence with the most open-faced goodness one can muster…because the world needs more goodness…

Nonetheless, here is about the only place I discuss my ideas…in my walking and talkingness, well…I just try to get through the hoops without incurring more injury.

Is there really anything to say?

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