I have been going through my files of photos and organizing them a bit. Also, adding some to the stand-alone pages, which nobody ever really looks at. People don’t ever really look at much, do they?

Perhaps if they did, they would see that this cloud (07/08/10) looks a little like a great number of things, the most striking of which is a spine and pelvic structure…you know, if they were made of cloud, not bone.

Check the stand-alone pages and archived posts for what I hypothesize to be the connection between ‘God’ and our spines. Specifically, our cerebral spinal fluid as a possible medium for conductive flow of environmental electromagnetic signals received by our pineal gland (just a hypothesis, though the mineral-based ‘sand’ contained within the gland could be a receptive material) and our central nervous system as means of physiologically experiencing and responding to an awareness of The Big Unseen Eternal Force, i.e. God – by any name.

Oh yeah, I also explain our experienced human consciousness as possibly being interpretations of electrical activity within our brains and environments, reinforced both externally (culture) and internally (hormonally) in a learned call and response pattern:

“Sort of like how binary code becomes text on a computer screen, perhaps our conscious thought process is a not-so-complex series of generated and interpreted electrical signals…”

Or something to that effect. It is actually a bit obvious that this may be the case, given that we ‘hear’ sounds as the result of tiny vibratory waves within our inner ear generating electrical signals that are then sent to our brains and interpreted as meaningful language, train whistles, wind in leaves, or bird song.

The implications of this are important because if our consciousness is, in fact, electrically-based, there is the vast potential for disruption and/or manipulation of our consciousness within our experienced environments. There is actually a lot of evidence that such disruptions are quite prevalent in our public environments. This is not new information.

Unfortunately, most of the writing about such things has been somewhat squashed as fringe-y rubbish. Which is not surprising, since it is fairly obvious that systems of power and profit rely heavily on dampened human consciousness in order to maintain ‘productive’ populations. I am not suggesting that electrical ‘static’ and manipulation of our hormonal reactions are the only ways that systems of profit and power diminish our ability to fully experience our environment and our ability to be self-directive in our lives. There is evidence of sonic and visual disruptive tools, as well…evidence quite real and quite squashed.

I am not, in any way, a paranoid conspiracy theorist, though that is what some may consider me to be…as a means of squashing perfectly relevant hypotheses. We tend to react quite strongly to the word ‘conspiracy’ – almost as if we are conditioned to experience an adverse reaction to ideas branded as somehow conspiratorial.

Funny how that works.

It’s almost like there has been a conspiracy to prevent us from making up our own minds about what we want to believe, about what makes sense to us.

Which, frankly, is a total rip-off of our human potential.

Like I said, funny how that works.

Have a great night, folks.

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