It really is quite simple, if you are able to hold a few things in your mind at once. Here are brief outlines of two foundation concepts:

1. We are fleeting. The current environment and its history are only a few hundred years old. Even ancient history is relatively recent.

Within the narrow parameters of empirical reality, measured in land and loss, profit and war, the printed text in books of myth and reason, there have been common themes that have acted as driving forces in the shaping of our human experience. The most primary of these themes is the relationship between power and truth.

2. We are alive. Our senses tell us that we exist, and our measure of quality of life is pinned on our ability to engage in sensory experience – food that tastes good, air that smells clean, noises that soothe, cool water, sights for the eyes to behold. One of the ways that systems of control undermine humanity is through manipulation of our sensory experience. We have sirens to alert and frighten us, air conditioned malls to spend our money in, music that we are primed to buy.

Did you know that in prisons and jails, sensory deprivation is one of the ways the prisoners are denied their freedom?

Is there really anything to say?

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