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Re: Interesting Idea?


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This is ridiculous. I just wanted to publish a zine of bloggage excerpts and now look what went and happened? I am trying to get on the Glenn Beck show. What happened?

Hahaha. Well, let me just say – I take solid opportunity for inquiry when I see it.

I think that I am pretty darn entertaining and enlightening as well.
And I don’t run ads on my site.

I think maybe Mr. Beck and I are related, but maybe not.

I think it would be great fun to go speak with Mr. Beck about his ideas and solutions. Then maybe I could talk to him about my solution…which would work out beautifully for everyone.

The thing is, the US is a very new country and we have gone through ridiculous amounts of change in the past one hundred years.

How can our governments are as bloated as can be? How can they be expected to manage our communities in a way that is realistic and flexible enough to accomodate the changing needs of local economies? We need to stop spending money supporting corporations that don’t care for us. Spend our money locally and put any extra we have into Community Trusts that can be used to support the development of viable local economies mindfully designed to meet the unique needs of individual communities.

I am not proposing that we wholesale boycott big box stores…but that we work with corporations to identify practices that are parasitic to local economies. An example would, perhaps be, if Wal-Mart phased out their lines of Chinese clothes and used the American Apparel approach to invest industry in communities with few natural resources and an excess of labor. If Wal-Mart agreed to help local agriculture by sourcing it’s produce responsibly.

Getting money back into American communities is not hard. We just have to talk about it.

——Original Message——
From: Me
To: Glenn
ReplyTo: Me
Subject: Re: Interesting Idea?
Sent: Jul 29, 2010 4:12 PM

Hello Auto-Glenn Beck

I appreciate your auto-acknowledgment and do hope that you are able to read my original letter, lengthy though it is.

I am serious. It is important. Plus, I really do want to know if we’re related!

With Sincere Thanks and Time for Your Consideration,

Faith Rhyne
Asheville, NC

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