These pictures were taken between October 27th and 31st last year…2010.

I called the movement The Big Comeuppance, but I guess Occupy is a good word, too.

More to follow…

If my mobile device weren’t bungled, I’d like to email myself some notes. However, the device is – like so many things – tragically bungled.

Fortunately, it will all work out fine…

Hahaha! I just realized that tonight I was able to sow the seeds for a viable grassroots reclamation.

I also, in the course of conversation, resolved the issue between “Intelligent Design” and Big Bang/Evolution.

I think I had explained that before though, somewhere in here.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Others have probably explained it as well, but sometimes things get complicated in the explaining. You know how it goes…

It did occur to me
that it is totally arrogant
to refer to God as

At first, I was all, “But what about Isis? God was a woman before It was a man.”
Then I thought about it for a minute and realized that it is really lousy of us to anthropomorphize God...

We really shouldn’t refer to the Absolute by using human pronouns. I mean, this thing that we call God by so many names arose from the bigger field and contains elements of all that the field encompasses. I mean, really, calling God “Him” or “Her” or “…some human word…” is a little like saying that God is ours, and IT IS NOT OURS ALONE.

…his shelter-name was Underdog. Now, we just call him Under.

Is there really anything to say?

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