November 11, 2010

That’s right. 2010.

Faith Rhyne,_liberty_and_the_pursuit_of_happiness

Read also, the ideas that the Constitution arose from. Note the linking of the “right to own property” to “the pursuit of happiness” –

…and then you can go burn your damn Constitution after you think of what the concept of landownership did to the people who lived here BEFORE US.

Property and ownership are ideas, pieces of paper in exchange for real resources that are…

Please just think about that for a minute.

In Solidarity with the 99%. Not Western Civilization and all the ways it has screwed up our thinking about Life, Liberty, and Inalienable Rights.

I mean, didn’t the City of Asheville plainly say – in communication with Gordon Smith – that one group exercising their rights should not impede the rights of others.

Think about it..:)

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Faith Rhyne

Okay. So, yeah – that was a little inflammatory. Pun fully intended.

Oh, and if anyone wants to hassle me over the suggestion that a piece of paper representing the ideas of the powerful men of that time…well, whatever.

Hey, maybe I’m just a left over Federalist or maybe I am just sick to death of seeing our whole world – even ourselves – reduced to measures of property.

Oh, and if you have issue with the mention of fire. Go bother the rock stars first. I was only thinking about fire ’cause of a song I heard on the radio.

“…We gonna light it up, like it’s dyn-o-mite.”

Oh, and OccupyAsheville: I’m not only writing this stuff for you, but for everyone who is reading this forum and not saying a single word.

We got SOLD OUT long before corporate banks were even around…

Of course, there have been corporate banks for a long time.

Yeah, it’s been a long damn day.

Delete it if you want. Might not be good for business.

Is there really anything to say?

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