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me: Yes, certainly. I am currently very distracted by this issue of the so-called Global Information Network and whether or not they will get back in touch with me in a timely manner re: the whereabouts of their affiliate, my friend Boris. It’s all very curious. Oh did I ever tell you about the intense and beautiful correspondence I had with a “young woman” in (?) where? I don’t even remember. It’s in the archives.

Anyway, a refugee with a story and we wrote for months and then it began to seem like maybe the whole thing was complicated ruse to get money, with UK bank contacts and lawyers fees, but it was all so spot-on that it seemed real. I am still not sure, and hope that if the story was true – that she found some way to get the money from her father’s estate. He was an industrial engineer and was killed in a house raid. I’m glad I wrote so much of this down in archives, the details were intense. I should put out a zine of the letters exchanged with strangers of dubious reality. That’s the thing, in America, most of the reality shared between people is somewhat mired in dubious state…I am going to go work on a few things and I am glad you’re having fun. I’ll be in touch soon.

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Faith Rhyne
Weird. My friend from Serbia seems to have disappeared. No word since Apr 27:

“Hey Faith, do you have any friends who want to join GIN-Global Information Network?”

He’s totally disappeared from the interwebs. He was my only friend for a while. Good kid, good ♥, amazing story.
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Faith Rhyne
Hey, Boris Splash Paskas (oh, I just realized that your profile doesn’t exist anymore.)

(I miss you, kid.)

Okay…need to shift into positive thinking…sometimes thinking about how idiotic the people in charge of resources have made us makes me feel too sick and tired to even stand it.

That’s the thing, people are all like, “No New World Order! It’ll be a few crazy rich guys that run all our resources and want to kill us all.”

Um, folks, we should probably realize that the New World Order happened a while ago. We have been living under New World Order for quite sometime, and our imagining that we haven’t has mostly been illusion.

What we are seeing right now is not the creation of the New World Order, it is the destruction of the New World Order.

I am hopeful that some of the Illuminati, Freemasons, etc. actually ARE enlightened and are trying to fix the situation that their alleged associates have caused. I believe that this is the case.

The history of the Illuminati shows that it was never intended to be a sick power secret. It was intended to be about true enlightenment.

I want an Old World Order. An Ancient World Order. A Real World Order.


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Steven Hoffman
traffic in archaic mystique
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Faith Rhyne
Whoa. I just got the creeps. Then they went away. Now I feel great. Story of my life.

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