The Pink Elephant tends to make people uncomfortable. That is why the Pink Elephant is not spoken of.

It is not clear what happened to the Elephant in the story after it gets ignored. Maybe it is scorned, laughed at and bullied. “You’re ruining the party!”

Cold shoulders are turned.

Of course, there is little discussion as to where the Pink Elephant came from and why it may be pink. It is simply big and awkward and quite real.

The people wish it would just go away.

“What does it want?” People whisper around the edges of the room.

“It’s disgusting,” One or two people mutter.

“I like Elephants,” a young party-goer chimes in. “Can I ride it?”

The child is ignored.

As the evening progresses, the room becomes quiet and the Elephant trumpets.

How had they not realized that there was a big Pink Elephant in the house they’d been living in?

“It couldn’t have fit through the door.” People scratch their heads and begin to recognize that they had done something very, very foolish.

They had either a) stopped believing in magic or, b) built a house around a giant Pink Elephant and somehow expected to have a house that did not contain a giant Pink Elephant.

“What should we do with it?”

People became tired. They closed the doors and drew the shades and went to sleep.

The Pink Elephant was still there in the morning.

It had used the bathroom.

Is there really anything to say?

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