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I know I’ve said this before:

“Soooo…I won’t be afraid of anything ever again.”

I am not sure if that is true…yet. The idea of not being afraid of anything ever again is frightening to me.

That’s a good sign.

This is what I talk about on facebook:

  • Faith Rhyne Best title ever…

    7 hours ago · Like
  • Faith Rhyne …even before you mentioned him, I was meaning to post this video to you – as it somewhat pertains.

    Terence Mckenna giving his view on how we define the mentally ill because we havSee More
    6 hours ago · Like ·
  • 6 hours ago · Like
  • Faith Rhyne All shamans have schizophrenia, but not all schizophrenics are shamans?

    Yes, it is a nice little Art video re: what a tradition of stigma-driven pathology, rather than spirit, tends to create for individuals and culture.

    6 hours ago via · Like
  • I like when he starts talking about Jazz music

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  • I think you can be a shaman without being schizoPHRENIC. I consider myself SchizoPATHIC, because I function very well in society.

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  • Schizo, fracture, Pathology, a condition of, L/R hemisphere rupture, along atypical skull-symmetry lines, dow eyes, straining of the corpus callosum.

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  • Faith Rhyne Hmmmm…

    Do you really think you function well in society?


    5 hours ago via · Like
  • Well, Wilhelm Reich defined society as sick (differing from Freud’s theory, which ended in their split), and the most societially-successful individuals fit the DSM definition of a Sociopath. Reich callt this THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE. Reich defined mental health in terms of Soma-Relations/sex. The organism which can acheive a ‘healthy orgasm’ is mentally sound, and those which cannot, are not. Obviously, this is an ENORMOUS Joke for pretty much 90% of the people who hear about it. I like to think I function well in society, AND I can have a healthy orgasm (

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  • Society itself is obsolete. A true Anarchy, a Meta-Society of sorts, must emerge to take its place.

    5 hours ago · Like

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