When I saw these clouds in the sky, a year and 1/2 ago, I thought for sure that I saw fossils in their forms. The suggestion of a spiral, the shape of a bee, an arm outstretched, an eternal flame and a dozen other possibilities. I imagined a field of workers and a singular outstretched hand, a pointing finger. “Look! In the sky!”
Of course, nobody looks at the sky much anymore. Except that isn’t true. People put pictures of clouds on their facebook profiles now. There are clouds scattered in video after video after video. We know that something is up, though in the midst of everything else, it is easy to underlook.

As I was driving home from work today, and the clouds were on fire the sun was so low, I thought a little about my profound naivete. Why did I think I could do it?

Why did I think anyone would listen?

I guess they don’t know me as well as I do.

I tell myself that it is okay. I am beyond thankful that the revolutions began and that, whether or not anyone realizes it, all the ideas that bowled me over are out in the big wide open now.

Those ideas were never mine. I thought of them alone, but they had been thought of before.

They were ignored then, too.

For hundred of years, thousands, the truth has been ignored.

I know what it is.
Unfortunately, we are so far from it at this point that it is hardly even true anymore…except it is.
What am I supposed to do with thousands of pictures of clouds and a few infinitely plausible hypotheses? What about all the words?

I suppose I’ll do the same thing that all the other outliers did/do…just sit…and work…and watch…and wait.
It all unfolds.

Is there really anything to say?

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