This is what I do instead of watching television.

    • This is a segmented conversation.
      It’s nice, I used to have to email myself to talk about this sort of thing. Now I can talk to other people about it and it might be odd, but – in the context of today – it really isn’t. Some of us have fanciful ways of figuring.
      Yes, some of it does seem psychotic.

      However, you know the old adage – you’re only really craxy if you don’t realize that what you’re doing may be seen as craxy, if you don’t know you’re craxy. I know why I may seem crazy and I also know that, in that, I am quite sane.
      Remember, I’m a Professional.
      (that’s an old joke…)
    • Faith Rhyne I am glad you posted this.

      I have had a lot of not-so-remarkable brushes with what I sometimes think of as time travelers*…or the more typical ‘ghosts’ – they’re just sort of there, you know.

      I wonder what they’re up to, what they are doing that my conscious mind is only minimally privy to?

      Also, I wanted to remember to check out the link you posted this morning.
      Your “lack of interest” re: your site comment made me smile, as my own weblog project really went out into the wild blue yonder when I started realizing that noone was paying attention.

      That’s when I started to remember ghosts and take notice of shadows.


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    • Faith Rhyne You have no idea how thankful I am to have something of a shared reality with some folks.

      I went wild blue yonder somewhat of out of nowhere…I had never really cared or believed in anything other than natural science and Art.

      I started my weblog as a “draw a picture everyday for a year” project and ended up totally destroying my previously known self, “proving God” and legitimately contacting Illuminati affiliates.

      Of course, people thought I was insane. Not so much though – I understood that I just had ended up on a page that other people willfully skipped.

      So, go figure…

      Yeah, for those who like to examine all the connections, and who do so in earnest and with an open heart – the world is absolutely fascinating.

      …and beautiful.

      That being said, yes, there is hope.

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    • Faith Rhyne They’re electricity…movement.

      Of course, they/it can affect you. I had a few experiences in which it was made quite clear that they/it could kill me with ease.

      Of course, lots of things could kill me and so it is all relative.

      I’m more nervous about humans than I am about ghosts, time travelers, and shadows.

      What did you mean? There is a lot to remember?

      Yes, there is.

      I am curious about what your views are re: remembering.

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    • Faith Rhyne I’m back! This is a long response. I also have hat-type jester-y folks in my drawn imagery…not too many…it is the collective interpretation of a character, an archetype.

      There are a lot of names for the same thing.

      Before my response, my earliest memory was of going up the stairs at Plum Orchard, a Carnegie mansion at Cumberland Island, Georgia – where I spent part of my childhood. My father was a Ranger and they had a shortage of Ranger housing on the island and so we lived in Plum Orchard when I was very young.

      I think I remember that memory because I remember feeling a ghost.


      Here’s my response:

      Well, I don’t know what all those letters stand for. Here’s my take, mostly just a bunch of Common Knowledge put together so that I feel like I understand how things work.

      Clearly, there are forces – electrogeomagnetic in all likelihood – reaching far out into everything and being generated by everything that is alive. The definition of life being having an electrical field?

      On choices: when we make a conscious choice to orient ourselves to Hope and Truth, we diminish the effects of man-made myth fear and gain awareness of…you know, ALL THAT.

      When we erode myth fear, we see that we are afraid only because we have been told to be afraid, and we begin to realize our own myth.

      Oh, yes, staying on topic…

      Because we produced currents and waves, which are measurable and well-established, even in the fact of our heartbeats, we interact with the waves and currents that are present in what I think of as the bigger field.

      We create a sort of symbiosis. We get what we give and we give what we get…unless we don’t…unless we take something beautiful and bungle it with the fleeting meaning imparted by modern human thought, and then become scared and confused, anxious.

      Then we falter, get caught in an eddy, send out signals that are all full of static and jolt. These join with the bigger field and are received by all.

      Of course, it seems that, in Nature – as all things are balanced – there must be some people who have a default attunement – a born proclivity – to the dissonant forces. Then again, it could also be reasoned – on the foundations of neuroplasticity – that we can become, via awful human experience, attuned to the static and jolt of toxic patterns.

      When we become frightened, our brains go into Maslow mode and shut down access to segments of our functioning. We become mere survivors. Because our ability to experience the breadth of our senses, and thus our full humanity, is blunted by the effects of fear, and because many people have been scared for a very long time, a lot of people have managed to forget that we used to feel things…we used to talk to Angels and we used to weep when we prayed to the open air itself.

      Yes, Virginia, there is a soul. It is that little bundle of electricity that leaves us shuddering when our bodies die…and it does go to heaven…if heaven is as it was intended to be and was simply the sky.

      All electricity travels in formation and the nature of that formation informs of the nature of that current. Hence archetypes and human consciousness, which is simply the brain’s translation of the signals it receives into codified symbols of meaning. Current=Sense/Feeling=Interpretation.

      A lot is, as they say, lost in translation. Which is why it is so important to be mindful of words like “Ghost” and even “Shadow” – they are loaded words and yet dead words. They say little about the actual nature of the thing and far more about what the 20th century Western Mind thinks about the thing.

      So, yes…electricity and magnetism. If enough of it bundles itself in just the right way, it becomes something…usually what it becomes is what it has always been at heart.

      It takes form?

      This is too long and really just scratching the surface. Though isn’t it lovely that the most plausible and provable working theory of human consciousness, gods, ghosts and enlightenment just got outlined on a facebook page.

      Not that it is anything new…people have known this for millenia – in their own way. Until, of course, systems of profit and power determined that it would be far easier to enslave people if they learned how to scare them. Now, oppression of True Sense is so deeply entrenched in our Cultures of Economy that the genetic structure of our species’ brain is at risk.

      Use it or lose it, you know. It is for this reason that the Systems must be dismantled. We have – in a Big Time blip – wreaked an epoch’s worth of damage.

      As for Illuminati, the closest I got – verifiably – is a nice correspondence with a Young Freemason kid in Serbia.
      Not too close, but then…the degrees of separation are getting mighty slim these days.

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    • Faith Rhyne Look what just came through the algorithms:

      So, yes – it is my understanding that the Illuminati asthey were intended were very much about genuine enlightenment and not so much about the Killuminati-type endeavors that the media has sold us.

      Back in 2010, the info. on a now-not-there Illuminati site was fairly reassuring…calling for the abolition of all wars and slavery, freedom of religion and habitat sanctuary.

      That is why I wanted to join. I wanted to help in any way that I can.

      I still do.

      Thanks for trading notions and have a nice evening.

      I do believe that everything will be alright.


      If you ever doubt the existence of the Illuminati Order, there are the archivesSee More
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    • Faith Rhyne Somewhat similar to mine, with the resonant meetings with random people.

      I have – after listening to a lot of very philosophical punk rock as a teen – never been too keen on the New Age or spiritual scene. Yes, the idea of an ascended master is somehow off-putting.

      I am a bit of an empiricist, which may seem odd given the conversation topic…the world unseen.

      However, I am also a bit of an informal documentarian and pattern analyst and so the world unseen is not quite so hard to see if you pay attention and…remember?
      I haven’t watched more than a few minutes of television in over 10 years and so I think that helps me to figure things out.

      Funny, I hardly watch anything and yet I love this group.

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    • Faith Rhyne Word. (Love)

      I like the appropriateness of the distances-insistences mix up.


      :) G’nite

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    • Faith Rhyne There are a lot of songs that helped me to understand this. I’ll try to remember to post some of them here.

      Elvis Perkins does a nice job in “It’s Only You” –

      You do realize that we’d all be diagnosed as having schizophrenia for simply having this talk.

      How weird is that!?

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    • Faith Rhyne I don’t know what those letters mean.

      Yes, experiential/experimental research into ALL THAT does tend to look a little eccentric.

      …enter social norm oppression of thought and mental health stigma and all that ugly stuff they say about nerds and weirdos.

      All designed by the Cultures of Economy to keep us in line…

      Of course, some of us can’t stand lines. We fidget and erase, re-draw.

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      *I am not the one to speak to about time travelers. Nope. That’d be a friend of mine. He’s an Expert.

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