Empirically speaking…

  • I started to figure it out when I noticed the patterns.  I had been interested in patterns for a long time and had spent a lot of time studying the ways that nature branches, the angles that define truth.  I think it was an ‘h’ and then ‘w’ – infinity and ‘A’ – triangles and the curve of omega.  Low little stacks of waves and bars laid at 90 degrees.  Here is one picture that I felt needed some explaining. I think a lot of those early images – as well as a record of my thinking as I was trying to figure all this out – are back in the summer of 2010.  I saw letters repeating themselves in the sky.  I wasn’t imagining things.  That’s why I took so many pictures, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Clouds that weren’t shaped like clouds, but that seemed to be more like characters.

    • Faith Rhyne I think you are correct about collective consciousness and the sense of God.

      The means by which this consciousness – and all consciousness – is conveyed is electromagnetic in nature and that all things contribute to it.
      Thus, we cannot separate God from man, or God from earth.

      Simpatico, symbiosis, the eternal give and take…the oldest equations.

      I think that these collective forces sometimes manifest themselves in ways that we see as miraculous, but which can be explained using basic principles of mechanics.
      The sense we gain when we access what I think of as “the bigger field” is one of being deeply connected and informed. It feels, in my experience, very much like revelation, like finding a meaningful place in the midst of something vast.
      Thanks for posting this.

      We are all electric. Some of us, however, may be wired in such a way that we are attuned to these forces – whether we like it or not.

      Due to the electrophysiological nature of our consciousness, our inherent human sense of the world around us and our small place in it can be manipulated by systems using sensory/emotive stimuli, as well as through the prescription of compounds which directly affect the areas of our nervous systems that are electromagnetically receptive.

      Thus, systems can literally kill our sense of spirit.

      In short, yes, you’re correct.

      Fortunately, it is not just you and I who have been considering this.

      I think, at this point, we’ve proved God. In doing so, we have redefined what God truly is.

      In the process, we dis-proved the god’s of most religions and established a basis to consider the ways that some systems of belief, in practice, actually deny us true participation in the world as it – by nature – was intended.
      That being said, doesn’t it seem that someone should do something about all this?

      I mean, this is a big deal. It can be proven. It has been proven. It is true. They have to listen.

      Of course, this is where all the ugliness about tinfoil hats and psychosis comes in.
      This isn’t crazy, it’s actually quite empirical.

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    • Faith Rhyne 

      ! I finally looked at your website! Can I post the link on my weblog, as evidence that someone knows exactly what I am trying to say, albeit with typos? The ideas are solid, no matter the letters used. You explain in much more effective language than I am usually able to muster. I’m usually just like, ‘What the Fuck!? Oh…”

      It all fits together. The collective consciousness is about to split wide open. Or maybe that’s me?

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    What if…when certain currents of the Big Eternal are active, the natural media react in such a way that they display distinct patterning?  It might look like a mish-mash.  Then again, it does sort of look like bits and pieces of every letter in the world.  Depending on where you were in the world, depending on your story, you might take certain forms as being stronger than others and you might start to write them down.  You figure them to be important, because of the way you felt when you first began to notice them.

    This is, I believe, how it all began.

    http://www.thereishope.co.nr/  I’m not the only one who is trying to figure all this out.  In fact, I think there are lots of us, all trying – in our way – to make some REAL SENSE.  

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